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7th March 2024
The Best Rugby Boots Under £100 for 2024 Whoever said you get what you pay for? While it’s true that you could invest hundreds of pounds in securing the latest and greatest gear, the reality is that you don’t have to break the bank for top-tier performance. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our carefully curated selection of the best rugby boots for 2024, all […]Read More
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4th March 2024
Rugby vs Football Boots -The Ultimate Guide A popular topic within the sporting world, where the lines blur as to the answer: 'What is the difference between Rugby Boots and Football Boots?'. Read More
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21st December 2023
The Best Rugby Boots for Forwards As we all know, forwards do the hard graft. Mauling, rucking, scrummaging. They’re not pretty (no, we don’t mean the players). These key components of the union code form the platform for which yards are gained and matches are won.Read More
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1st December 2023
Step into Solar Red with the latest adidas Rugby Boots! Say hello to the latest colourway of the cutting-edge Kakari Z.1 and Adizero RS15 Pro boots. Adorned in a striking Solar Red/Black colour combo, these boots not only catch the eye but also signal a homecoming to adidas' roots in both style and innovation.Read More
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29th November 2023
Train your way to the Top with Winter Rugby Essentials! Had your fill of the cold on the pitch? No worries—we've got the ultimate essentials checklist to keep you warm and power through your winter rugby training sessions!Read More
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24th November 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Elite vs Entry Level Rugby Boots Navigating rugby's dynamic world for the right boots is daunting. Full 80 eases the load! Dive into Nike’s Mercurial Vapor line, exploring top-tier vs. beginner models, with the outstanding Vapor 15 as our benchmark.Read More
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23rd November 2023
Best Rugby Boots for Women – The Ultimate Guide for 2023 Women's Rugby is here to stay! At The Full 80, we've produced a comprehensive list of the Best Rugby Boots for Women in 2023.Read More
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21st November 2023
The Best Black Friday Deals at Lovell Rugby! Welcome back to The Full 80, where we've compiled an exclusive list of the finest Black Friday deals for you, available as part of the limited-time Black Friday event at Lovell Rugby. Get ready as we gear up for this season's greatest savings!Read More
The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet
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30th October 2023
The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2023 Envious of players who effortlessly slide into any boot without suffering from squashed toes, blistered feet, and sore arches for days after a big match? You're not alone.Read More
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24th August 2023
Rugby Safety Made Easy: Picking the Right Gear to Play Safe and Stay Smart! Get ready for the adrenaline rush! Among high-octane sports, Rugby stands out as one of the most demanding, taking a real toll on your body. That's where we come in – your ultimate source for safety. We've put together the ultimate guide to ensure your well-being on the pitch every time!Read More
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22nd August 2023
The Ultimate Rugby World Cup Gift Guide! Ready to kick your team support up a notch at the Rugby World Cup? Look no further than The Full 80! We've put together a lineup of absolute essentials to fuel your passion from the stands and beyond. Get ready to rock your team spirit like never before!Read More
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16th August 2023
The Most Popular Boots of the 2023 Rugby World Cup! Brace yourself, the Rugby World Cup is almost upon us. Prepare for a dazzling showcase of the hottest, most electrifying rugby boots set to own the spotlight on the world stage.Read More