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Unleash the Speed: Canterbury Launches Speed & Phoenix Rugby Boots for 2024

Step into greatness with the latest Canterbury Speed & Phoenix Boots for 2024, showcasing groundbreaking technology and the assistance of AI to improve your performance on the field. 

With Elite & Takedown options on offer, there’s something for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

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#1. Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite

#2. Canterbury Speed Team

#3. Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite

#4. Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team

Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite

Prepare for out-of-this-world acceleration with the latest Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots – the New Zealand brand’s lightest rugby boot ever! (No, we’re not joking…)

With a focus on stripping out unnecessary bulk, Canterbury has turned to AI to help lighten the load. They’ve developed a unique stitch reinforcement and a VAPOSKIN membrane, all with the aim of reducing unnecessary weight.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t compromise the boot’s performance. In fact, it enhances it. It’s all about getting rid of any unneeded bulk, while improving the boot’s functionality. Impressive, right?

We think so!

Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots for 2024 in yellow & Orange.

To the soleplate, FLIGHTBEAM technology makes a welcome return, as seen on the last generation Speed Infinite Elite, complete with a Pebax Powered® sole that packs a serious punch with its explosive energy-response, allowing you to fly across the pitch with the grace of a gazelle.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that the outsole is 97% bio-based with the Pebax ® RNEW® material being made from castor beans?

To the upper, Canterbury situate an ultra-lightweight monomesh upper with targetted stitch reinforcement and their signature VAPOSKIN membrane for a result that is 25% lighter than the previous iteration.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite Rugby Boots for 2024 in Black

An unrestricted heel profile also contributes to enhanced power generation, pressure relief, improved posture and next-level arch support that results in pin-point precision when kicking.

Complete with a breathable knitted collar, targeted zonal padding at key contact zones and an Ortholite® insole that utilises memory foam for next-level comfort.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Team

Even the most powerful players can’t grasp or outrun those who dare to step into the latest Canterbury Speed Team Rugby Boots.

Designed to be lightweight, these boots feature a knit collar and a TPU-reinforced mesh upper, offering a snug fit for minimal energy loss and faster acceleration on soft ground surfaces.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Team in Yellow & Orange. Now available at Lovell Rugby.

The outsole boasts a strong, lightweight design with six conical metal studs and three rhombus TPU studs, providing maximum traction to help you cut through and evade your opponents’ defence with ease.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Team in Black. Now available at Lovell Rugby.

Place kicking, punts and drop goals become seamless as the upper’s grip texture enacts a second skin for greater precision when kicking, and incorporates a comfortable neoprene collar into the design that is cushioned to deliver a reliable fit.

For a more affordable alternative to the Speed Infinite Elite, you can’t go wrong the Team series!

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite

Insight-driven, tested and refined, the Phoenix Genesis Elite is tailored for those who consistently like to perform in their game at the highest level.

Providing players with the best of both worlds, the Genesis Elite features a hybrid construction of premium leather and Vaposkin reinforced knit to deliver ultimate durability and comfort in even the toughest conditions, come rain or shine.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite Rugby Boots. Orange colourway features left and Black colourway featuring on the right. Now available at Lovell Rugby.

Featuring ultra-responsive FLIGHTBEAM technology inspired by the wishbone of birds in flight, the outsole delivers efficient energy return, making each stride more powerful and explosive.

Lightweight Pebax materials in the outsole further enhance agility and stability, elevating your dynamic movement on the field.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite in Yellow/Orange. Available at Lovell Rugby.

Housing a reconfigured stud formation with 6 conical studs and 3 rhombus TPU studs, gaining traction on soft-ground surfaces has never felt so seamless.

Targetted zonal padding and Ortholite Footbed, as also seen in the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite rugby boots, adds additional comfort, and keeps your rivals from treading too heavily on your toes.

Tough, strong, yet incredibly lightweight, the hybrid construction of the premium leather vamp and tough Vaposkin knitted upper contribute towards delivering lightweight, durable protection.

The Latest Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite in Black. Now Available at Lovell Rugby.

For a locked-in feel that is not only supportive, but adaptive thanks to the boot’s adaptive tongue and microfibre lining that reduces heel slippage, you don’t get much better than this!

Following also in the footsteps of the Speed Infinite Elite silo discussed earlier, the Phoenix Gensis Elite is sustainable too, with a 97% biobased outsole with Pebax® RNEW® material made from castor beans.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team

For players seeking a lightweight boot that doesn’t compromise on durability, look no further than the latest Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team rugby boots.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team Rugby Boots in Orange & Black. Available at Lovell Rugby

Crafted using a hybrid upper formed from synthetic PU and TPU reinforced mesh, resulting in a strong and lightweight soft-ground design that is engineered to tackle the modern game.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team Rugby Boots in Orange. Now available at Lovell Rugby.

To the toe-box, synthetic PU is placed for enhanced comfort and protection from your rival’s studs during rucks, mauls and scrums, and guess what? The TPU reinforced mesh makes for easy cleaning and lightweight durability.

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Team Rugby Boots in Black. Now available at Lovell Rugby.

Like what you see?

You can grab the latest Canterbury Speed and Phoenix Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby.

Hurry, while stocks last!

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