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Train your way to the Top with Winter Rugby Essentials!

Had your fill of the cold on the pitch? No worries—we’ve got the ultimate essentials checklist to keep you warm and power through your winter rugby training sessions!

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#1.Rugby Boots

#2. Base Layers

#3. Training Wear

#4. Winter Accessories

#5. Winter Equipment

#6.Off Pitch Essentials

#1. Rugby Boots

Heading onto the pitch without a pair of these? Not a chance! The key to successful winter training lies in choosing the right rugby boots. But fear not, it’s simpler than it seems!

There are two main types to consider: Soft Ground (SG) and Firm Ground (FG). Understanding these options is the key to enhancing your performance in the colder months.

So, what are we waiting for, let’s break it down!

When do I need Soft Ground (SG) Rugby Boots for Winter Training?

Soft Ground boots, like the Mizuno MIJ Neo IV’s in the Mizuno Aurum Pack below, are top-notch for playing on Soft-Ground fields.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £240 at

Specifically made for wet and muddy pitches that tend to get waterlogged, soft-ground boots have longer studs (the pointy things on the bottom) giving you extra stability.

When the field becomes tricky due to rain, SG boots keep you steady, ensuring you feel confident and agile even in tough weather. That’s why they’re a must-have for winter training!

When do I need Firm-Ground (FG) Rugby Boots for Winter Training?

Firm Ground Rugby boots, such as the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 below, work differently—they feature bladed studs designed to dig into the ground, creating more contact points between your foot and the pitch.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £170 (Was £229.99) at

This setup boosts traction, making quick takeoffs and sprints a breeze during winter training.

Tailored for firm, natural grass surfaces, these boots excel in cold weather, ensuring stability even on frozen grounds.

The key difference lies in their ability to navigate challenging winter conditions effectively, making Firm-Ground Boots the perfect pick for training on those days where the pitch has frozen over.

#2. Base Layers

Winter’s on the way, but no need to suffer! Base Layers, designed to sit underneath your training top/shorts, are your go-to for peak performance. They keep you dry with sweat-wicking tech and provide a second-skin feel for ultimate comfort on the field!

Base Layer Tops

When it comes to winter rugby training, Base Layer Tops are indispensable for several reasons. As the temperature drops, these garments act as a crucial first line of defense, providing an additional layer to trap and retain body heat.

The sweat-wicking technology incorporated in base layer tops ensures that moisture is efficiently drawn away from the body, keeping players dry and preventing discomfort caused by dampness.

Canterbury Thermal Long Sleeve Top Mens – NOW £32 (Was £39.99) at

The snug, second-skin feel not only enhances comfort but also promotes a sense of agility and flexibility crucial for effective training sessions.

Whether enduring the chill during drills or staying warm on the sidelines, base layer tops are a fundamental component for winter rugby training, offering thermal insulation, moisture management, and overall performance optimization.

Thermal Leggings

In cold weather, maintaining optimal body temperature is crucial for performance and preventing injuries.

Thermal leggings are designed with insulating materials that trap and retain body heat, keeping the muscles warm and supple.

Canterbury Thermal Leggings Mens – NOW £34 (Was £41.99) at

This warmth is especially beneficial in preventing stiffness and promoting flexibility during training sessions in chilly conditions!

#3.Training Wear

Winter’s no match for your rugby ambitions, but the right training wear is your MVP! Stay toasty, move with swagger, and conquer every drill like a boss.

Training Jackets

Training jackets play a vital role in winter training, offering essential benefits to rugby players braving the cold. These jackets provide crucial temperature regulation by insulating the body, minimizing the risk of injuries, and ensuring optimal performance.

The moisture-wicking properties of quality training jackets such as the KooGa Cagoule below keep rugby players dry, preventing the chilling effects of damp clothing.

KooGa Vortec OTH Mens Cagoule – NOW £40 (Was £59.99) at

With a balance of insulation and flexibility, these jackets enable a full range of motion, supporting rugby players in moving freely during training.

Ultimately, training jackets are indispensable for winter workouts, preventing muscle tightness, promoting comfort, and supporting peak performance in colder conditions.

Grab yours below!

Training Tops/ Midlayers

Training tops are the MVPs of any rugby workout. They’re not just stylish gear – these tops keep players cool when the action heats up and provide a comfy fit for those intense drills.

In winter, they’re like a cozy shield against the chill, making sure players stay focused on the game, not the weather.

KooGa Vortec quarter Zip Midlayer – NOW £17 (Was £39.99) at

Training Bottoms

When your rugby shorts just aren’t cutting it, training bottoms step in with their snug fit and durable design, becoming the go-to choice for serious rugby action.

They bring the comfort and flexibility needed to ace those killer moves on the field, handling everything from sprinting drills to tackling the cold in winter.

It’s time to play smarter, not harder!

Canterbury Tapered Training Pants – NOW £20 (Was £39.99) at

Waterproof Jacket

As the rugby training session winds down, imagine completing an intense workout, only to be met with a sudden shift in weather. Enter the Canterbury Vaposhield Club Rain Jacket, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Boasting a full zip, long sleeves, and a hooded neckline, it not only exudes a classic look but also becomes a crucial shield against the elements.

Canterbury Vaposhield Club Rain Jacket – NOW £48 (Was £59.99) at

Lightweight yet sturdy, it effortlessly becomes a post-training essential. The Canterbury branding guarantees a high-quality waterproof fit, ensuring you stay dry, while adding a sporty touch.

Whether facing unexpected rain or a cool breeze, having this jacket on hand ensures you conclude your training day with comfort, flair, and readiness for whatever weather surprises may arise.

#4. Winter Accessories


Designed to snugly embrace your neck like a second skin, snoods effectively replicate the comfort of a scarf while performing the crucial function of wicking sweat away during intense winter workouts. This ensures you stay dry when it truly matters.

Nike Dri FIT Strike Snood – NOW £13 (Was £19.99) at

Take the Nike Strike snood as a prime example, featuring Nike’s signature Dri-Fit technology. This innovation not only enhances the snood’s fit but also keeps you performing at your best by efficiently managing moisture, making it an ideal companion for winter training sessions.


Ever wondered how to maintain a solid grip on the ball while wearing gloves? Look no further – Kooga has the perfect solution!

Introducing the Men’s Kooga Rugby Gloves, designed for both matches and training sessions. With a fingerless design and a touch tape fastening strap at the wrist cuff, these gloves ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

KooGa Rugby Gloves Mens – NOW £10 (Was £14.99) at

The silicone grip pattern significantly enhances your grip, giving you the confidence you need on the field.

To top it off, the Kooga branding on the back of the hand adds a stylish finishing touch.

A must-have addition to your winter training regime!

Grip Socks

Tired of the constant slipping and sliding in your boots? Say goodbye to the struggle with Grip Socks!

Grip Socks, like the ones offered by TapeDesign, go beyond the ordinary.

Engineered to not only provide comfort but also to minimize and reduce ankle and knee injuries, these socks enhance the player’s grip within the shoe, eliminating any unwanted slippage and ensuring greater traction and stability on the pitch.

TapeDesign Classic Grip Socks – NOW £24 (Was £29.99) at

Equipped with strategically placed rubber knobs on the base of the sock, you’ll never have to worry about slipping again. Invest in Grip Socks for a game-changing experience and step onto the field with confidence and control!

#5. Must-Have Winter Equipment

Training Bibs

Stay ahead in the game with our durable and breathable Training Bibs – a necessity for clear identification on the field. The best part? They provide additional warmth without sacrificing mobility!

Crafted for easy identification and unrestricted movement, these bibs guarantee peak performance even during chilly workouts. Don’t let winter hold you back – power through the season with Rugby Training Bibs and conquer the field in style!

Kooga Reversible Training Bib – £8 at

Training Balls

Meet the Gilbert G-TR 4000 and its durable design, featuring a higher proportion of synthetic rubber than traditional Match Balls for superior toughness.

Gilbert GTR4000 Training Rugby Ball – NOW £15 (Was £17.99) at

These training balls are your go-to for winter training sessions, built to withstand the demands of the pitch.

With a resilient construction, they guarantee reliability and top-notch performance, even in colder weather.

Training Cones

In winter rugby sessions, Training Cones are like secret weapons for conquering the cold.

They help players tackle the frosty challenges by boosting agility and footwork on slippery fields. Coaches use these markers to create fun drills, making sure players stay sharp and adapt to the unpredictable winter conditions.

Sondico Training Cone 6 Pack – NOW £9 (Was £17.99) at

It’s not just about skill improvement; cones make the whole training game-plan smoother, so players can rock the field no matter how chilly it gets.

Winter or not, these cones keep the rugby vibe alive!

Agility Ladders

What’s a training session without one of these bad boys?

Whether you’re perfecting your drills, practicing for side-stepping your opponents, or want to set a personal best, then Agility Ladders are the way forward for you!

Our top pick is this seamless “Quick Ladder Pro” by SKLZ that doesn’t tie you down with tricky webbing, or cheap plastics, but makes your sessions more convenient with its unique constuctrion that makes it easy to fold and unfold.

SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro – NOW £26 (Was £31.99) at

Ball Pumps

As a game that revolves around the egg, the last thing you need is a flat ball to cut your training sessions short!

That’s why we’d reccommend you keep one of these Ball Pumps handy in your kitbag, and with a price of just £5 on , it’s a no brainer!

Sondico Dual Action Pump – £5 at


Are you a coach who enjoys challenging your team to perform at their best? You’ll definitely want one of these if you expect your players to be fully engaged!

Sondico Metal Whistle– £4 at

Perfect for drills involving frequent starts and stops, penalty simulations, conditioning exercises, or refining player techniques, a referee’s whistle is an essential piece of equipment for winter training!

#6.Off Pitch Essentials


Transition seamlessly from the game to casual settings in the unique Canterbury Uglies hoodie.

Its adjustable drawstring design, vibrant colorblock graphics, and the prominent “CCC” logo on the front guarantee a stylish appearance while keeping you snug and warm.

Canterbury Uglies Hoodie – NOW £42 (Was £51.99) at

Look as impressive off the pitch as you do on it with this distinctive hoodie.

Water Bottle

Ever wonder why sweat is more than just a cooling mechanism?

It’s a carrier of crucial electrolytes like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, vital for supporting muscle function. Beyond temperature regulation, water acts as a joint lubricant and facilitates nutrient transport for energy.

Neglecting hydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps, making it essential to invest in a reliable water bottle.

That’s why the Under Armour Playmaker 32oz bottle is the perfect choice, featuring a leak-resistant lid, removable nozzle for convenient transport, a carry loop, one-hand operation for on-the-go hydration, and non-slip side grip for a comfortable and secure hold. Stay refreshed and ready for action!

Under Armour Playmaker 32oz Waterbottle – NOW £12 (Was £16.99) at


Going to a training session without a towel is like expecting to weather a storm without an umbrella—essential for staying dry, comfortable, and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

You’ll want to have one of these handy in your kitbag, that’s for sure!

Nike Sport Towel– NOW £25 (Was £29.99) at

First Aid Kit

Are you a coach who prioritises the safety and well-being of your team, especially during winter training sessions? Having a well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute essential for anyone looking out for their players!

Designed to address minor injuries and unexpected situations, a first aid kit is indispensable for quick response and care.

Lovell Rugby Handy Sports First Aid Kit – £22 at

Whether it’s tackling the cold weather challenges or handling the occasional bumps and bruises from intense drills, a readily available first aid kit ensures that you can promptly attend to any injuries and keep your team in top shape throughout the winter training season.

It’s a must-have companion on the field for coaches who prioritize both performance and player safety.

Like what you see?

Be sure to check out our full range of Winter Rugby Training Essentials to find your fit to brave the cold!

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