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The Best Rugby Boots Under £100 for 2024

Whoever said you get what you pay for? 

While it’s true that you could invest hundreds of pounds in securing the latest and greatest gear, the reality is that you don’t have to break the bank for top-tier performance.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our carefully curated selection of the best rugby boots for 2024, all priced under £100!

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, your search ends right here. Let’s dive into the details!

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy – £78

Topping our list is the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy, a standout from Nike’s latest “Mad Brilliance” boot collection. This boot mirrors the aesthetic of its more expensive sibling, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite, guaranteeing you’ll make a statement on the field without denting your wallet.

The Vapor 15 Academy is brimming with cutting-edge technology. It boasts a NikeSkin upper that enhances ball control, coupled with an internal speed cage that fosters extraordinary maneuverability, acceleration, and agility in a feather-light package. These features will have you dashing towards the goal line in a flash.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy Firm Ground Rugby Boots
Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Academy Firm Ground Boots – NOW £78 (Was £79.99) at

Interestingly, the Academy model integrates the ‘Air Zoom’ technology, usually reserved for the Elite model. Nestled within the heel, this technology delivers a cushioned yet highly responsive experience, making rapid sprints and explosive take-offs feel like a breeze.

Priced at a modest £88, the Vapor 15 Academy is a superb choice for players seeking top-notch performance without splurging, particularly when you take into account that the Elite version comes with a hefty price tag of £260!

adidas Kakari Elite – NOW ,£88 (Was £109.99)

Technically this one shouldn’t even be on our list, but the latest deal from Lovell Rugby leaves us no excuses, after all, we’re committed to finding you the best Rugby Boots for under £100.

If you’re a rugby aficionado with a keen eye, you’ve likely noticed the adidas Kakari dominating the Six Nations, Gallagher Premiership and Super Rugby fields this year. And it’s not just for aesthetics!

adidas Kakari Elite SG Rugby Boots. Available at Lovell Rugby.
adidas Kakari Elite SG Boots – NOW £88 (Was £109.99) at

The Kakari is designed specifically for the nimble forward line. It’s more than just footwear – it’s an extension of the player. It features an internal support system that provides stability for dynamic play, whether at the scrums or the breakdowns.

The eight-stud configuration of the outsole is primed for those critical moments when you need to dig in and advance into your opponent’s 22. This, combined with the full lace closure, ensures a secure and comfortable fit, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Durability is also a key feature. With a synthetic upper and reinforced stitching, the Adidas Kakari is a boot built to last, standing up to the rigours of the rugby field.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy – NOW £55 (Was £87.99)

“Even legends find ways to evolve”…

Meet the nifty Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy from the Nike “Mad Ready” boot pack.

Formed of the latest ‘FlyTouch Lite’ material, the Tiempo 10’s upper is softer than natural leather, allowing it to countour to your foot for a fit that doesn’t overstretch.

Nike Tiempo Legend Academy SG Rugby Boots. Available to purchase at Lovell Rugby.
Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy Soft Ground Football Boots – £88 at

Branded as the lightest Tiempo to date, the Legend 10 will have you breaking through your rival’s defences with speed.

Oh, and this is yet another boot from the Nike lineup that features ‘Anti-Clog’ tech, cleaning your boots is a breeze!

Kooga Power – £40

Blackout boots that won’t break the bank – the Kooga Power sits an astounding price point of just £40, down approximately 50% from the original RRP of £79.99.

And yes, they do have the power to elevate your game (sorry, we just couldn’t resist a pun).

KooGa Power SG Rugby Boots – NOW £40 (Was £79.99) at

Suitable for all playing types, the classic lace-fastening, combined with its padded ankle collar guarantee a locked in fit, while the interchangeable studs deliver exceptional grip, even in the worst weather.

Oh, and of being a boot comprised of a leather construction, you’ll find these boots fit and mould to your foot seamlessly, ensuring a tailored fit that can’t be beaten at this price point!

Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro – NOW £60 (Was £94.99)

If you’re a player in search of a contemporary rugby boot designed to enhance momentum and speed, the Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro is your perfect match. This model, a streamlined version of the Elite, consistently delivers top-notch performance.

Unlike the Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Pro, the Speed Infinite Pro embraces a snugger fit. This design minimizes energy loss and promotes quicker acceleration, making it an ideal choice for those seeking speed.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro SG Boots Mens – NOW £60 (Was £94.99) at

Moreover, Canterbury has prioritized targeted zonal padding in this model. This ensures that comfort isn’t compromised, a feature always appreciated in a speed boot. So, with the Speed Infinite Pro, you get the perfect blend of speed, comfort, and performance.

What’s not to love?

Nike Phantom GX II Academy – NOW £72 (Was £88)

Have you been eyeing the latest Nike Phantom GX II Elite? We have exciting news for you!

You can now sport the latest colourway from the Nike Mad Ready Pack with the Nike Phantom GX II Academy, and that too, at just a fraction of the price!

Drawing inspiration from the game-changing boot that emerged from Nike’s innovative decision to merge last year’s Phantom GX with their Phantom Luna for 2024, the Academy variant is a technological marvel.

It features an Anti-Clog soleplate, ensuring stress-free cleaning after those muddy rugby matches.

Nike Phantom GX II Academy Soft Ground Football Boots – NOW £72 (Was £88) at

But that’s not all. The upper of the boot is layered with NikeSkin, a technology that enhances the feel of the ball against the boot. This ensures your drop kicks in rugby are precise and powerful, making the ball land exactly where you want it to.

So why wait? Step into the Nike Phantom GX II Academy and experience the difference in your rugby game today!

adidas Predator League – £80

Held in high esteem for their exceptional durability and daring good looks that exudes feelings of 1990s nostalgia, the adidas Predator League truly is exceptional value for money.

adidas Predator 24 League Soft Ground Football Boots – £80 at

Positioned as the takedown variant of the best-selling adidas Predator ’24, the Predator League takes its exceptional good looks and streamlined profile and tapers it to a more affordable option for players looking to push their limits.

Snug when worn true to size, comfort and performance merge into one unique form-factor, with a precedence on delivering optimal support that doesn’t scrimp on style!

Nike Premier 3 Anti Clog – £88

Technically this is another boot shouldn’t have made it to our list looking at the original RRP of £114.99, but hey, if the offers there, we’re taking it!

Are you the kind of player who values functionality over flashiness? If so, the Nike Premier 3 is your dream come true! With a design that echoes the classic Tiempo range, this boot is a trusted companion for any player on the pitch.

Nike Premier 3 Anti Clog Soft Ground Football Boots – NOW £88 (Was £114.99) at

But what makes this boot a true standout? It’s the integration of Nike’s cutting-edge Anti-Clog technology and K-Leather construction. Say goodbye to the tedious task of scraping off mud and debris from your boots. No more need for extra boot cleaning tools – this boot has got you covered!

The Nike Premier 3 is crafted with the proven and loved Kangaroo leather, a feature that’s becoming a diamond in the rough in today’s sporting world due to ethical considerations. Stumbling upon a genuine K-leather boot at this price point is like finding a needle in a haystack, making this boot an absolute bargain!

Equipped with screw-in studs and the iconic fold-over tongue, the Nike Premier 3 offers a playing experience that you can tailor to your liking. The power to personalise is in your hands!

adidas Copa Gloro -£65

Yet another boot design that is destined for the more traditional player who loves the look and feel of leather. The Copa Gloro delivers a nostalgic twist with its elasticated fold-over tongue that takes its design inspiration from the Predator models of old.

Comprised of high-quality cow leather, the Copa Gloro provides a soft-to-the-touch feel,whilst delivering a more traditional fit and feel that is not just snug, but highly comfortable too!

adidas Copa Gloro Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £65 (Was £79.99) at

Sure, you could go for the Elite model that boasts more groundbreaking tech, but for players craving a reliable, comfortable and familiar feel of boots of old, then look no further.

At £65, down from £79.99, you can’t go wrong!

Like what you see?

We’ve got plenty more where that came from! For a complete look at all Rugby Boots available on the market for under £100 be sure to check out Lovell-rugby’s extensive collection!

In the meantime, be sure to stay in the loop with the latest Rugby News, Boot Launches & Guides right here at The Full 80.

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