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Step into Solar Red with the latest adidas Rugby Boots!

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#1. adidas Kakari Z.1

#2. adidas Adizero RS15 Pro

Let’s Kick off with Kakari!

Meet the all-new adidas Kakari Z.1 – the boot that’s redefining the game with stunning aesthetics and cutting-edge technology that’s as forward-thinking as your playmaking.

Setting the gold standard for what every brand aspires to achieve, the adidas Kakari Z.1 lays down the blueprint for technological innovation in a sleek, compact form-factor that’s as attractive as it is groundbreaking.

Wrapped in a robust layer of synthetic material and reinforced with an aggressive “Solar Red” stitching pattern, reminiscent of something out of the Great British Bake Off, this boot ensures your rivals will find it hard to step on your toes, thanks to its rugged yet durable design.

Add its lightweight construction and a unique inner support strap into the mix, promising stability in the scrums, and you’ve got a real winner.

With an adaptable 8-stud soleplate configuration engineered to convert every ounce of energy into explosive push-offs, the adidas Kakari Z.1 is gearing up to change the game – one scrum at a time.

Precision Redefined: The Power of Adizero RS15 Pro

This boot practically screams, “For the Pros!” But let’s be clear – the Adizero RS15 is more than just a catchy name; it’s essentially the MVP of Rugby Boots.

At the forefront of innovation, the Adizero RS15 Pro is setting the gold standard for elite rugby boots worldwide. With its revamped Solar Red colourway, it’s not just dominating performance charts; it’s also making a bold statement as one of the freshest designs from the adidas team this year!

Now, let’s dive into the features – a dedicated stability wing ensures you remain as steady as a rock when it matters most. And that signature “Solar Red” striping? It’s not a mere design choice; it’s akin to leaving your fingerprint on the pitch – making a stylish mark.

Offset lacing? Absolutely. Aggressive stud placement with 6 arrow-shaped molded studs and 6 metal studs for top-tier traction? Double-checked.

The Speedframe outsole in brilliant white isn’t just a colour preference; it’s the bedrock for explosive bursts of speed and control, thanks to the iconic Speedframe outsole.

And let’s not overlook the raised heel with reinforced stitching and the elevated contact points on the forefoot for superior ball traction – because with the Adizero RS15, every detail matters.

It goes beyond being just a boot: where every nuance contributes to redefining the standard of elite rugby footwear.

Like what you see?

You can purchase the all-new adidas Kakari Z.1 and Adizero RS15 Pro from now.

Hurry, while stocks last!

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Train your way to the Top with Winter Rugby Essentials!

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#1.Rugby Boots

#2. Base Layers

#3. Training Wear

#4. Winter Accessories

#5. Winter Equipment

#6.Off Pitch Essentials

#1. Rugby Boots

Heading onto the pitch without a pair of these? Not a chance! The key to successful winter training lies in choosing the right rugby boots. But fear not, it’s simpler than it seems!

There are two main types to consider: Soft Ground (SG) and Firm Ground (FG). Understanding these options is the key to enhancing your performance in the colder months.

So, what are we waiting for, let’s break it down!

When do I need Soft Ground (SG) Rugby Boots for Winter Training?

Soft Ground boots, like the Mizuno MIJ Neo IV’s in the Mizuno Aurum Pack below, are top-notch for playing on Soft-Ground fields.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £240 at

Specifically made for wet and muddy pitches that tend to get waterlogged, soft-ground boots have longer studs (the pointy things on the bottom) giving you extra stability.

When the field becomes tricky due to rain, SG boots keep you steady, ensuring you feel confident and agile even in tough weather. That’s why they’re a must-have for winter training!

When do I need Firm-Ground (FG) Rugby Boots for Winter Training?

Firm Ground Rugby boots, such as the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 below, work differently—they feature bladed studs designed to dig into the ground, creating more contact points between your foot and the pitch.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £170 (Was £229.99) at

This setup boosts traction, making quick takeoffs and sprints a breeze during winter training.

Tailored for firm, natural grass surfaces, these boots excel in cold weather, ensuring stability even on frozen grounds.

The key difference lies in their ability to navigate challenging winter conditions effectively, making Firm-Ground Boots the perfect pick for training on those days where the pitch has frozen over.

#2. Base Layers

Winter’s on the way, but no need to suffer! Base Layers, designed to sit underneath your training top/shorts, are your go-to for peak performance. They keep you dry with sweat-wicking tech and provide a second-skin feel for ultimate comfort on the field!

Base Layer Tops

When it comes to winter rugby training, Base Layer Tops are indispensable for several reasons. As the temperature drops, these garments act as a crucial first line of defense, providing an additional layer to trap and retain body heat.

The sweat-wicking technology incorporated in base layer tops ensures that moisture is efficiently drawn away from the body, keeping players dry and preventing discomfort caused by dampness.

Canterbury Thermal Long Sleeve Top Mens – NOW £32 (Was £39.99) at

The snug, second-skin feel not only enhances comfort but also promotes a sense of agility and flexibility crucial for effective training sessions.

Whether enduring the chill during drills or staying warm on the sidelines, base layer tops are a fundamental component for winter rugby training, offering thermal insulation, moisture management, and overall performance optimization.

Thermal Leggings

In cold weather, maintaining optimal body temperature is crucial for performance and preventing injuries.

Thermal leggings are designed with insulating materials that trap and retain body heat, keeping the muscles warm and supple.

Canterbury Thermal Leggings Mens – NOW £34 (Was £41.99) at

This warmth is especially beneficial in preventing stiffness and promoting flexibility during training sessions in chilly conditions!

#3.Training Wear

Winter’s no match for your rugby ambitions, but the right training wear is your MVP! Stay toasty, move with swagger, and conquer every drill like a boss.

Training Jackets

Training jackets play a vital role in winter training, offering essential benefits to rugby players braving the cold. These jackets provide crucial temperature regulation by insulating the body, minimizing the risk of injuries, and ensuring optimal performance.

The moisture-wicking properties of quality training jackets such as the KooGa Cagoule below keep rugby players dry, preventing the chilling effects of damp clothing.

KooGa Vortec OTH Mens Cagoule – NOW £40 (Was £59.99) at

With a balance of insulation and flexibility, these jackets enable a full range of motion, supporting rugby players in moving freely during training.

Ultimately, training jackets are indispensable for winter workouts, preventing muscle tightness, promoting comfort, and supporting peak performance in colder conditions.

Grab yours below!

Training Tops/ Midlayers

Training tops are the MVPs of any rugby workout. They’re not just stylish gear – these tops keep players cool when the action heats up and provide a comfy fit for those intense drills.

In winter, they’re like a cozy shield against the chill, making sure players stay focused on the game, not the weather.

KooGa Vortec quarter Zip Midlayer – NOW £17 (Was £39.99) at

Training Bottoms

When your rugby shorts just aren’t cutting it, training bottoms step in with their snug fit and durable design, becoming the go-to choice for serious rugby action.

They bring the comfort and flexibility needed to ace those killer moves on the field, handling everything from sprinting drills to tackling the cold in winter.

It’s time to play smarter, not harder!

Canterbury Tapered Training Pants – NOW £20 (Was £39.99) at

Waterproof Jacket

As the rugby training session winds down, imagine completing an intense workout, only to be met with a sudden shift in weather. Enter the Canterbury Vaposhield Club Rain Jacket, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Boasting a full zip, long sleeves, and a hooded neckline, it not only exudes a classic look but also becomes a crucial shield against the elements.

Canterbury Vaposhield Club Rain Jacket – NOW £48 (Was £59.99) at

Lightweight yet sturdy, it effortlessly becomes a post-training essential. The Canterbury branding guarantees a high-quality waterproof fit, ensuring you stay dry, while adding a sporty touch.

Whether facing unexpected rain or a cool breeze, having this jacket on hand ensures you conclude your training day with comfort, flair, and readiness for whatever weather surprises may arise.

#4. Winter Accessories


Designed to snugly embrace your neck like a second skin, snoods effectively replicate the comfort of a scarf while performing the crucial function of wicking sweat away during intense winter workouts. This ensures you stay dry when it truly matters.

Nike Dri FIT Strike Snood – NOW £13 (Was £19.99) at

Take the Nike Strike snood as a prime example, featuring Nike’s signature Dri-Fit technology. This innovation not only enhances the snood’s fit but also keeps you performing at your best by efficiently managing moisture, making it an ideal companion for winter training sessions.


Ever wondered how to maintain a solid grip on the ball while wearing gloves? Look no further – Kooga has the perfect solution!

Introducing the Men’s Kooga Rugby Gloves, designed for both matches and training sessions. With a fingerless design and a touch tape fastening strap at the wrist cuff, these gloves ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

KooGa Rugby Gloves Mens – NOW £10 (Was £14.99) at

The silicone grip pattern significantly enhances your grip, giving you the confidence you need on the field.

To top it off, the Kooga branding on the back of the hand adds a stylish finishing touch.

A must-have addition to your winter training regime!

Grip Socks

Tired of the constant slipping and sliding in your boots? Say goodbye to the struggle with Grip Socks!

Grip Socks, like the ones offered by TapeDesign, go beyond the ordinary.

Engineered to not only provide comfort but also to minimize and reduce ankle and knee injuries, these socks enhance the player’s grip within the shoe, eliminating any unwanted slippage and ensuring greater traction and stability on the pitch.

TapeDesign Classic Grip Socks – NOW £24 (Was £29.99) at

Equipped with strategically placed rubber knobs on the base of the sock, you’ll never have to worry about slipping again. Invest in Grip Socks for a game-changing experience and step onto the field with confidence and control!

#5. Must-Have Winter Equipment

Training Bibs

Stay ahead in the game with our durable and breathable Training Bibs – a necessity for clear identification on the field. The best part? They provide additional warmth without sacrificing mobility!

Crafted for easy identification and unrestricted movement, these bibs guarantee peak performance even during chilly workouts. Don’t let winter hold you back – power through the season with Rugby Training Bibs and conquer the field in style!

Kooga Reversible Training Bib – £8 at

Training Balls

Meet the Gilbert G-TR 4000 and its durable design, featuring a higher proportion of synthetic rubber than traditional Match Balls for superior toughness.

Gilbert GTR4000 Training Rugby Ball – NOW £15 (Was £17.99) at

These training balls are your go-to for winter training sessions, built to withstand the demands of the pitch.

With a resilient construction, they guarantee reliability and top-notch performance, even in colder weather.

Training Cones

In winter rugby sessions, Training Cones are like secret weapons for conquering the cold.

They help players tackle the frosty challenges by boosting agility and footwork on slippery fields. Coaches use these markers to create fun drills, making sure players stay sharp and adapt to the unpredictable winter conditions.

Sondico Training Cone 6 Pack – NOW £9 (Was £17.99) at

It’s not just about skill improvement; cones make the whole training game-plan smoother, so players can rock the field no matter how chilly it gets.

Winter or not, these cones keep the rugby vibe alive!

Agility Ladders

What’s a training session without one of these bad boys?

Whether you’re perfecting your drills, practicing for side-stepping your opponents, or want to set a personal best, then Agility Ladders are the way forward for you!

Our top pick is this seamless “Quick Ladder Pro” by SKLZ that doesn’t tie you down with tricky webbing, or cheap plastics, but makes your sessions more convenient with its unique constuctrion that makes it easy to fold and unfold.

SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro – NOW £26 (Was £31.99) at

Ball Pumps

As a game that revolves around the egg, the last thing you need is a flat ball to cut your training sessions short!

That’s why we’d reccommend you keep one of these Ball Pumps handy in your kitbag, and with a price of just £5 on , it’s a no brainer!

Sondico Dual Action Pump – £5 at


Are you a coach who enjoys challenging your team to perform at their best? You’ll definitely want one of these if you expect your players to be fully engaged!

Sondico Metal Whistle– £4 at

Perfect for drills involving frequent starts and stops, penalty simulations, conditioning exercises, or refining player techniques, a referee’s whistle is an essential piece of equipment for winter training!

#6.Off Pitch Essentials


Transition seamlessly from the game to casual settings in the unique Canterbury Uglies hoodie.

Its adjustable drawstring design, vibrant colorblock graphics, and the prominent “CCC” logo on the front guarantee a stylish appearance while keeping you snug and warm.

Canterbury Uglies Hoodie – NOW £42 (Was £51.99) at

Look as impressive off the pitch as you do on it with this distinctive hoodie.

Water Bottle

Ever wonder why sweat is more than just a cooling mechanism?

It’s a carrier of crucial electrolytes like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, vital for supporting muscle function. Beyond temperature regulation, water acts as a joint lubricant and facilitates nutrient transport for energy.

Neglecting hydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps, making it essential to invest in a reliable water bottle.

That’s why the Under Armour Playmaker 32oz bottle is the perfect choice, featuring a leak-resistant lid, removable nozzle for convenient transport, a carry loop, one-hand operation for on-the-go hydration, and non-slip side grip for a comfortable and secure hold. Stay refreshed and ready for action!

Under Armour Playmaker 32oz Waterbottle – NOW £12 (Was £16.99) at


Going to a training session without a towel is like expecting to weather a storm without an umbrella—essential for staying dry, comfortable, and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

You’ll want to have one of these handy in your kitbag, that’s for sure!

Nike Sport Towel– NOW £25 (Was £29.99) at

First Aid Kit

Are you a coach who prioritises the safety and well-being of your team, especially during winter training sessions? Having a well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute essential for anyone looking out for their players!

Designed to address minor injuries and unexpected situations, a first aid kit is indispensable for quick response and care.

Lovell Rugby Handy Sports First Aid Kit – £22 at

Whether it’s tackling the cold weather challenges or handling the occasional bumps and bruises from intense drills, a readily available first aid kit ensures that you can promptly attend to any injuries and keep your team in top shape throughout the winter training season.

It’s a must-have companion on the field for coaches who prioritize both performance and player safety.

Like what you see?

Be sure to check out our full range of Winter Rugby Training Essentials to find your fit to brave the cold!

In the meantime, stay in the loop with the latest Rugby News, Boot Drops, Guides & More at The Full 80.

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The Ultimate Guide to Elite vs Entry Level Rugby Boots

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#1. Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Elite

#2. Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Pro

#3. Nike Mercurial Vapour Academy

#4. Nike Mercurial Vapour Club

#1. Air Zoom Mercurial Vapour 15 Elite

Introducing the Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Elite, the flagship model of the Mercurial range that stands out as the pinnacle of peak performance on the pitch.

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapour 15 Elite from the Nike Shadow Pack. Available to purchase from

Now available at a discounted price of £185 on, down from the original £234.99, these boots don a Vaporposite+ upper with a speed cage, ensuring a perfect blend of lightweight agility and a secure, tailored fit.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite FG Football Boots – NOW £185 (Was £234.99) at

Setting them apart is the incorporation of a 3/4 length Air Zoom pocket, a feature borrowed from Nike’s renowned running range. This addition elevates the boots by providing unmatched cushioning and comfort with every step, enhancing your agility on the field.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite FG Football Boots – NOW £185 (Was £234.99) at

The hyper-aggressive triangular studs further contribute to superior traction, facilitating quick and precise movements effortlessly.

Adding to the technological prowess, Vaporposite+ technology takes center stage. A seamless fusion of textured chevron mesh lining and refined FlyKnit material, this innovation makes ball control a breeze.

Whether executing a punt, drop-kick, or place kick, these boots deliver impeccable performance even in the most intense moments of the game.


  • Vaporposite+ upper with speed cage for lightweight agility.
  • 3/4 length Air Zoom pocket for cushioning and comfort.
  • Hyper-aggressive triangular studs for superior traction.
  • Price: £185 (Was £234.99) at
  • 360 degree traction. Cushioning for a fast boot is exceptional.

#2. Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Pro

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising too much on performance, the Nike Mercurial Vapour 15 Pro is an excellent choice at £140.

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapour 15 Pro from the Nike Shadow Pack. Available to purchase from

In place of Nike’s Vaporposite + material found on the upper of the Elite model, these boots feature a Nikeskin upper that promotes an exceptionally lightweight feel, whilst retaining the classic Vapor profile.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Pro FG Football Boots – £140 at

Although they lack the forefoot Air Zoom pocket found in the Elite model, the Vapor 15 Pro boots compensate by maintaining excellent traction with 360-degree studs.

This design choice gives them a more traditional Mercurial feel, striking a perfect balance between affordability and raw speed. As a result, they are ideal for players seeking high performance without the hefty price tag.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Pro FG Football Boots – £140 at


  • Nikeskin upper for lightweight feel.
  • 360-degree studs for effortless traction.
  • Price: £140 at

#3. Nike Mercurial Vapour Academy

Don’t underestimate the power of the budget-friendly Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy at just £60!

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapour 15 Academy from the Nike Shadow Pack. Available to purchase from

Continuing the legacy of the signature Nikeskin upper featured in the Pro model, the Academy takes a unique turn with its multi-ground soleplate, making it suitable for a wide range of playing surfaces, be it Firm Ground or Artificial Grass.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy FG Football Boots – NOW £60 (Was £77.99) at

But what sets them apart is the absence of high-tech features, which are more than compensated by the boots’ remarkable versatility, standing as a testatement to simplicity, enabling your skills to shine without unnecessary thrills.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy FG Football Boots – NOW £60 (Was £77.99) at


  • Nikeskin upper for budget-friendly agility.
  • Multi-ground soleplate for versatility.
  • Price: £60 (Was £77.99) at

#4. Nike Mercurial Vapour Club

For those who prefer straightforward, no-nonsense performance, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Club is the answer at £55.

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapour 15 Club from the Nike Shadow Pack. Available to purchase from

While it might lack the flashy features of its counterparts, it retains the lightweight essence of the Vapor family.

These boots are perfect for newcomers to rugby or players who don’t want to fuss over technical details. They offer a blend of simplicity and functionality, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Club Firm Ground Football Boots – £55 at

Designed for newcomers to rugby or players who prefer simplicity, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Club is a straightforward choice at £55.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Club Firm Ground Football Boots – £55 at


  • Lightweight design for beginners.
  • Affordable entry-level option.
  • Price: £55 at

Like what you see?

Whether you prioritize the elite speed and comfort of the Vapor 15 Elite, the affordable agility of the Vapor 15 Pro, the budget-friendly performance of the Vapor Academy, or the simplicity of the Vapor 15 Club, Nike’s Mercurial Vapor range caters to every player.

So, find the boot that suits you best, hit the pitch, and let your footwork do the talking!

Oli’s Take on Elite vs Entry Level Rugby Boots

Keen to delve deeper into the details? Explore Oli’s insights on the distinctions between each boot type below!

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Best Rugby Boots for Women – The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Women’s Impact on Rugby

Originating as early as 1962, when attitudes towards women’s roles within society began to change following the Second World War, women’s Rugby began to mark its mark on the sporting world.

It was the year when the first-ever recorded Women’s Rugby Union match took place at Edinburgh University, alongside the first-ever fully documented Women’s Club match at Toulouse Femina Sports in France.

Fast forward to 2023, and women’s Rugby continues to redefine the game.

With approximately 40,000 women participating in the sport every year, interest in Women’s Rugby is the highest it’s ever been, with the RFU hoping to reach 100,000 female players by 2027.

Just look at the latest World Record set by the attendees at the Women’s Six Nations this year:

Oh, and did we forget to mention that a third of the World Rugby Council representatives are now female? We love to see it!

Accommodating for Women’s Sizing in Rugby

Now bolstering their efforts to recognise how women’s Rugby has changed the game, sports giants NikePuma, and adidas  are beginning to cater for women specifically in their boot designs in a bid to recognise that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to traditional boots and women’s sizing…

With a long way still to go, we’ve provided an extensive breakdown of how you can fit your feet inside men’s boots comfortably.

Is there a difference between Men’s and Women’s Rugby Boots?

In short, yes! The main difference between women’s and men’s rugby boots is how they fit.

Women’s Rugby Boots tend to accommodate narrower feet, whereas Men’s Boots are tailored for wider feet.

But just because certain boots were originally designed for men, doesn’t mean they won’t fit women too!

How Can I Fit into Men’s Sizing?

To determine your fit, subtract 1.5 sizes from your current ladies’ shoe size.

For example, if you are a size 7 in Women’s Sizing, you will be a 5.5 in Men’s sizing.

With us so far? Great!

How Should Rugby Shoes Fit?

When it comes to fit, rugby boots should fit as close to the player’s foot as possible and not touch the toes. However, it’s imperative to remember that women’s sizing is different and smaller so sticking to our sizing guidelines below for each boot is a sure-fire way to find the perfect fit!


The infamous adi-three stripes. The brand of choice for professional athletes looking to level up their gameplay on the pitch.


adidas Adizero RS7

When it comes to rugby, Adizero RS7 is the name, speed is the game.

Featuring a lightweight synthetic upper, alongside the signature SG outsole, you’ll never fall behind with the latest RS7 boot in a floral colourway from adidas.

adidas Adizero RS7 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

Sporting the latest Geofit technology, no gaps are left uncovered with the Sensepod inserts strategically placed toward the ankle and midsole that will keep your boots firm on the ground, whilst offering unparalleled comfort on even the toughest terrain.

adidas Adizero RS7 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!

X Crazyfast

Adorned by both female and male players alike for its unbeatable stability and lockdown, the X Speedportal is the speedster’s partner in crime.

Housing a Carbon Fibre SpeedframeAgility Speed CagePrimeKnit Collar and High-Speed Stability system, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a boot as capable of bringing the heat to the pitch this season as the X Speedportal.

adidas X CrazyFast .1 SG Football Boots – £220 at

Want a lightweight boot that doesn’t compromise on performance? The X Speedportal is the boot for you!

adidas X CrazyFast .1 SG Football Boots – £220 at

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


Predator Malice

Fancy yourself a skilled dropkicker? Perhaps a pro at punting? Or a perfectionist at place-kicking? The Malice SGs have you covered.

Never miss a shot again thanks to Malice’s futuristic 3D GOLD diamond detailing on a lightweight synthetic upper that offers pin-point accuracy when making contact with the ball, no matter the weather.

adidas Predator Malice Soft Ground Boots – £200 at

Designed with the player in mind, the Predator Malice is popular amongst both men and women due to the exceptional comfort, locked-in-feel, breathability and protection from your rival’s pesky studs out on the field.

adidas Predator Malice Soft Ground Boots – £200 at

Sizing & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


adidas Kakari Z.1 SG

Next up, the infamous Kakari Z.1 Rugby Boot from adidas.

Gone are the days when you’re left stuck in the mud as your rivals race past you at unstoppable speeds.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

Soft to the touch and offering unparalleled comfort, the Kakari’s lightweight textured synthetic upper combined with its unique inner support strap keeps you stable in the scrums, whilst the eight-stud split soleplate becomes the perfect sign-off to help you build momentum when you need it most.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

Sizing & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


The brand synonymous with the iconic Swoosh logo, nifty Nike sits upon the pedestal as one of the most popular rugby boots to ever grace the world stage.


Mercurial Superfly

A brilliant boot built for speedsters, the Mercurial Superfly is a Winger’s best friend.

Synonymous with speed, the Vapor dons a streamlined profile with a host of industry-leading boot tech that will leave your rivals in the dust as you sprint to the Try Line.

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite DF SG Football Boots – £265 at

From a tried and tested 3/4 Air Zoom unit that promotes efficient energy return within the mid and forefoot to a Vaporposite + chevron mesh upper that delivers pinpoint precision upon impact with the ball, the Mercurial Vapor delivers time and time again.

If you want to keep your rivals on their toes and become a try-scoring sensation, the Mercurial Vapor Elite is the boot for you!

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite DF SG Football Boots – £265 at

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


Nike Tiempo Legend 10

Let’s face it, if you’re a Fly-Half you’ll need to be proficient at passing and kicking, after all if you want to be the finest kicker in the game you’ll need a good pair of boots!

That’s where the Nike Tiempo Legend boots come in…

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground – £235 at

Housing a distinctive profile synonymous with the Tiempo of old, the Legend 8 combines comfort with precision in a sleek and compact form factor.

From cushioned insoles to padded ankle collars, calf-skin leather uppers and embossed ridges, the Tiempo 10 promotes maximum control when the heat turns up on the pitch.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground – £235 at

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


Phantom GX Academy

Built for working in tight spaces, the Phantom GX Academy combines exceptional comfort with practicality for a streamlined look and appeal.

Nike Phantom Academy GX Soft Ground Football Boots – NOW £65 (Was £82.99) at

Perfect for Props and Hookers who are at the forefront of pushing forward the Scrum, the Phantom GX Academy incorporates a raised heel to provide dynamic foot positioning for improved acceleration and stability.

Nike Phantom Academy GX Soft Ground Football Boots – NOW £65 (Was £82.99) at

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


The German-based brand with a history of unmatched excellence out on the field, Puma boots sit on the scales as one of the lightest boots to grace the world stage.


Puma Ultra

What’s in a name?

Well… when it comes to the Puma Ultra, it turns out, quite a lot…

Explosive acceleration, exceptional control, breathability, enhanced lockdown, the list is endless. It’s no wonder it’s a speedster’s dream silo.

Puma Ultra Ultimate .1 SG Football Boots – £200 at

Housing unique thermo-regulating properties such as Puma’s signature ULTRAWEAVE technology, the Ultra speed boot delivers a highly breathable and lightweight construction so you can stay focused on the game whilst working up a sweat.

The best part? The Puma Ultra has been ‘Made for Her’ as part of Puma’s efforts to recognise the plight of women’s playmaking within the sporting world.

Puma Ultra Ultimate .1 SG Football Boots – £200 at

If agility is your forte, then look no further than the Puma Ultra!

Size & Fit:

As these boots have been tailored towards Men’s sizing, we recommend you go down 1.5 sizes from your usual!


Puma Future

Housing a plethora of boot technologies, from their signature FUZIONFIT 360 and PWRTAPE to Dynamic Motion System Soleplate and Pebax material composition, it’s no wonder the Puma Future leads the boot game.

Puma Future Ultimate FG/AG Womens Football Boots – £200 at

If agility is your expertise then look no further than the Puma Ultra!

Puma Future Ultimate FG/AG Womens Football Boots – £200 at

Size & Fit:

We recommend you stay true to size with these boots as Women’s sizing has been considered!


As one of the world’s most respected rugby, training and lifestyle brands, it’s no wonder Canterbury are ahead of the game.


Canterbury Stampede Pro

Stand your ground in the scrum.

If you’re a tight five player, look no further than these boots, made with extremely tough polyurethane leather by Kiwi rugby connoisseurs Canterbury. These soft ground boots are the ideal silos for forwards looking to cause havoc in and around breakdowns.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

The durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole is hardwearing, and houses eight 13mm metal studs with three moulds, helping players physically and mentally dig in. 

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Size & Fit:

We recommend you stay true to size with these boots as Women’s sizing has been considered!

Like what you see? Perhaps you have a favourite boot you like to take onto the pitch? Let us know in the comments which boot you’d like to try out. We’d love to hear from you!

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The Best Black Friday Deals at Lovell Rugby!

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#1. Training Wear

#2. Rugby Shirts

#3. Rugby Boots

Receive a £20 Voucher with every £100 spent!

For a limited time only, Lovell Rugby is hosting a special promotion site wide. For every £100 you spend, you score a sweet £20 voucher for your next buy, maxing out at £200.

Imagine, you could end up with a whopping £40 to splurge on your next purchase.

Perfect timing with Christmas around the corner—treat your loved ones (or just yourself, because you deserve it!)

With a wide array of premium Rugby Boots, Training Wear and Rugby Shirts available at discounted prices, there are substantial savings to be had.

Take a look at our top picks below now to score yourself a bargain!

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Training Wear

Looking to refresh your winter-training wardrobe? Lovell Rugby has you covered.

#1. Canterbury Quarter Zip Training Top – NOW £22 (Was £43.99)

For a limited time only, you can snag this sleek Quarter Zip Training Top from the King of rugby clothing for a reduced price of £22, down from £43.99, making it perfect for players who want performance quality at an affordable price.

Canterbury Quarter Zip Training Top Mens – NOW £22 (Was £43.99) at

Designed with innovative cooling fabric and strategically placed perforated panelling, the Canterbury Quarter Zip works to keep you comfortable during those intense training periods.

#2. Canterbury Oversized Heritage Hoodie – NOW £25 (Was £49.99)

As we head into the cooler months, it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with an oversized hoodie; especially of this build quality!

Exuding Canterbury heritage with its signature “Rhubarb” colourway and unique emblems that are a testement to its build quality, it becomes the perfect pairing whether you’re in the stands,on the sideline or just chilling on the couch.

Canterbury Oversized Heritage Hoodie – NOW £25 (Was £49.99) at

Complete with a traditional kangaroo pocket and ribbed cuffs, this hoodie is the ideal pairing for players looking to keep warm after training.

#3. Canterbury Training T-Shirt Mens – NOW £11 (Was £21.99)

For the fervent rugby fans who want to add a splash of colour to their training sessions, the Canterbury Training T-Shirt is the one for you!

Part of the iconic Canterbury Uglies range, this classic ribbed crew neck design, alongside ribbing to the sleeves and and hem, not only delivers next-level comfort, but unmatched durability, making it the ideal pairing for your training sessions.

Canterbury Training T-Shirt Mens – NOW £11 (Was £21.99) at

At just £11, down from an original £21.99, this Training T-Shirt is an absolute steal!

#4. Canterbury Cotton Heritage Shorts – NOW £15 (Was £29.99)

Looking for top-notch field shorts that deliver exceptional comfort? Check out these fashionable Cotton Heritage Shorts, currently offered at an attractive price of only £15!

Whether you’re looking to pair with the oversized Canterbury Hoodie above, or just in need of some lounge shorts that don’t scrimp on quality, look no further than these Heritage shorts.

Canterbury Cotton Heritage Shorts Adults – NOW £15 (Was £29.99) at

Rugby Shirts

#5. Umbro England Rugby RWC 2023 Home Shirt – NOW £40 (Was £80)

With lots of Rugby Shirts now on offer, we’ve picked the best of the bunch with this England Rugby World Cup 2023 Home Shirt at just £40!

Whether you’re still riding on the adrenaline of the Rugby World Cup or are a proud supporter of England, this shirt is too good to miss.

Umbro England Rugby RWC 2023 Home Shirt Mens – NOW £40 (Was £80) at

Featuring contoured anatomical knit paneling that moves harminously with you, aswell as next-level breathability and a regal aesthetic that perfectly embodies the spirit of the Rugby World Cup, you can show your support in style, whilst shedding some significant savings!

Rugby Boots

Who says you can’t get elite-level performance at an affordable price? Lovell Rugby’s Black Friday Sale has your back (and your feet!).

#6. Puma Ultra.1 Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £60 (Was £194.99)

Don’t miss out on the deal of the season!

The Puma Ultra Ultimate Speed Boot, priced at just £60 for Firm Ground and £78 for Soft Ground, is not only a steal but also a standout choice.

Featuring ULTRAWEAVE + PWRPRINT technology, it ensures explosive acceleration and precise control on the field, whether drop-kicking, punting or place-kicking.

With next-level comfort and breathability in a lightweight form-factor, Puma’s signature ULRAWEAVE technology guarantees optimal performance in all weather conditions, come rain or shine!

Puma Ultra.1 Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £60 (Was £194.99) at

Complete with PWRPRINT tech for improved staibility during high-speed plays into your rivals’ 22, and a dual-density speedplate that takes inspiration from Puma’s track heritage,this boot delivers the perfect blend between on-pitch stability and propulsion.

As one of Lovell Rugby’s biggest Black Friday Discounts, don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your game and save yourself from burning a hole in your wallet whilst you’re at it!

#7. Puma King Ultimate.1 Firm-Ground Boots – NOW £95 (Was £185)

Become the king of the pitch with the Puma King Ultimate .1 Firm Ground Football Boots, now available at the discounted price of £95 at Lovell Rugby.

Perfect for those hard-ground/firm-ground surfaces, the Puma King .1 is an ideal choice for players seeking premium quality at an affordable price.

Engineered with a revolutionary K-Better upper that promises 0% leather, but 110% King perfromance, the innovative material is 30% thinner than its predecessor, making it the go-to choice for players seeking exceptional performance in a lightweight form-factor.

Puma King Ultimate.1 Firm-Ground Boots – NOW £95 (Was £185) at

Pair this with the King’s patented stability spine and conical studs, even the likes of Wales’ Louis Rees-Zammit would have a hard time keeping up with you!

#8. adidas RS15 Pro FG Boots Mens – NOW £109 (Was £219.99)

For the eagle-eyed watchers of the Rugby World Cup just passed, you’ll have likely spotted these sensational adidas RS15’s worn on the feet of some Rugby’s biggest players, from Antoine Dupont to Finn Russell and Josh Van der Flier.

Now available at £109, down from the original £219.99 price tag, the RS15 Pros are an absolute steal for anyone looking to finesse their skills on the Firm Ground pitches.

adidas RS15 Pro FG Boots Mens – NOW £109 (Was £219.99) at

With a seamless Fusionskin leather forefoot, asymmetrical lacing and 3D-printed rubber elements, these boots are designed to give you optimal ball control, resulting in powerful, yet precise kicks.

Pair this with adidas’s patented ‘Stability Wings’ , ‘Ripstop Fabric’ and ‘Foam Sensepods’ in the heel, and you’re on the road to experiencing comfort like never before!

Grab yours below today!

#9. Under Armour Clone Magnetico 2 FG Boots – NOW £115 (Was £230)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Under Armour Clone Magnetico 2 Firm Ground Boots with a unique profile and colourway that’s set to turn heads on the pitch.

Launched in celebration of Black History Month, earlier this year, the UA Magnetico 2 features a whole host of innovative tech that is guaranteed to enhance your gameplay.

Under Armour Clone Magnetico 2 FG Boots – NOW £115 (Was £230) at

From the unique UA CLONE upper that moulds effortlessly to your foot shape, to the easy-entry collar and 3D molded heel, Under Armour sure know how to situate comfort at the heart of their elite-performance boot.

Combine this with the ultra-responsive “Charged Cushioning®” footbed that is engineered to deliver next-level shock-absorption, and the use of both bladed and conical studs that allow you to respond rapidly in the heat of the moment, and you’re on to a real game changer!

Black Friday is Site Wide!

Explore the Latest Black Friday Deals at Lovell Rugby now! Hurry, while stocks last.

This promotion is set to end on the 29th November at 23.59.

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The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2023

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#1. adidas

#2. Canterbury

#3. Nike

#4. Puma

#5. Mizuno

The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2023

In Rugby, dealing with scrums, rucks, mauls, and tackles is challenging enough without having to suffer from narrow-fitting boots that only add insult to injury!

At The Full 80, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite premium and takedown Rugby Boots that are guaranteed to fit the wide footed.


adidas Kakari Z.1

To begin with, let’s take a look at the adidas Kakari Z.1 rugby boots.

Engineered specifically for wide-footed players, these boots set the standard for premium footwear in the rugby world.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – NOW £140 (Was £179.99) at

With a lightweight synthetic ripstop upper taking centre stage, the Kakari delivers a lightweight and flexible feel that will see you through to the full 80 every time and without fail.

Why is the Kakari a popular boot for wide-footed players?

Popular among wide-footed players, the Kakari features a flexible soleplate that accommodates hollow metal studs, providing an enlarged surface area. This makes it ideal for wide-footed players, offering excellent traction and stability on the pitch.

It’s no wonder that props like Irish Rugby Union player Tadhg Furlong favor these boots!

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – NOW £140 (Was £179.99) at

Whether you opt for the Kakari or any other recommended boots listed in this article, it goes without saying that your feet and teammates will appreciate the level of performance it brings to your game.

adidas Malice Elite

In recent years, the adidas Malice rugby boots have become the go-to choice for kickers, making a significant impact within the rugby world with its sleek design and impressive features that give players an edge over the competition.

adidas Malice Elite Soft Ground Boots – NOW £88 (Was £109.99) at

What makes the adidas Malice a kicking boot?

The adidas Malice stands out as a kicking boot due to its robust A-symmetric lacing system and the incorporation of 3D rubber elements on the forefoot. These features synergize to generate a generous sweet spot on the instep, guaranteeing cushioned contact when executing punts, drop-kicks, and place kicks

The base of the boot is also equipped with conical studs, enhancing the player’s running game and agility on the field. This design facilitates quick side-stepping, making it easier to manoeuvre past opponents and break for the try line.

adidas Malice Elite Soft Ground Boots – NOW £88 (Was £109.99) at

Reminiscent of the higher-priced Predator Malice boots worn by Scotland’s Finn Russell, the adidas Malice boots not only have a stylish appearance but also deliver exceptional performance.

Whether charmed by its good looks or practicality on the field, the Malice boots live up to their reputation as a top choice in rugby footwear.


Canterbury Phoenix Elite

The Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite rugby boots have rightfully earned their reputation with the Rugby world as the best choice for players seeking top-notch performance on the field.

Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Rugby Boots Mens – NOW £90 (Was £139.99) at

These boots excel in every aspect that matters. With their durable synthetic upper and reinforced stitching, they offer exceptional durability and longevity.

How is the Phoenix Elite a unique rugby boot?

One of the unique features of the Phoenix Genesis Elite is the advanced ‘Wishbone’ technology used in the sole plate. This refined boot technology ensures optimal traction, agility, and stability, allowing players to perform at their best.

Moreover, the boots provide excellent support and cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries!

Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Rugby Boots Mens – NOW £90 (Was £139.99) at

The Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite rugby boots combine outstanding quality, superior performance, and unmatched comfort, making them the ultimate choice for rugby enthusiasts who demand the very best.

Canterbury Stampede

The Canterbury Stampede rugby boots are an excellent choice for individuals with wide feet. These boots are specifically designed to cater to the needs of wider foot shapes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit on the rugby field.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Canterbury is King for the Wide-Footed!

With their wider toe box and generous forefoot space, the Stampede boots provide ample room for natural toe splay, reducing discomfort and potential pressure points.

Additionally, they feature supportive midfoot technology, such as durable lacing systems and reinforced overlays, to ensure stability and prevent unwanted foot movement.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Whether you’re a forward or a back, the Canterbury Stampede rugby boots offer the perfect combination of width, support, and performance, making them an ideal choice for players with wider feet.


Nike Phantom GX Elite DF

Did you recently buy a pair of Nike Mercurials only to find out they’re too narrow for your feet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

The Phantom GX, particularly the Elite DF version mentioned below, incorporates Gripknit technology in a single layer to provide wider-footed players with a barefoot sensation and enhanced control with each touch and tap.

Does synthetic stretch?

Although the boots are made of synthetic material that doesn’t stretch as easily as leather, they will gradually soften over time, ensuring a highly comfortable and adaptable fit.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Furthermore, the semi-split soleplate design allows for additional space around the arch, allowing even players with the widest feet to seamlessly place their feet into these boots.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Nike Tiempo Legend

Since its debut in 1994, the Nike Tiempo has undergone significant technological refinements, establishing itself as one of the finest boots ever created.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground Boots – £235 at

The Tiempo comes out on top!

While slim models like Nike’s Vapor and Superfly don’t adequately accommodate wide feet, the Tiempo addresses this issue with its spacious toe box. Along with its patented NIKE GRIP insoles and Flywire cables in the midfoot, the Tiempo strikes the perfect balance, providing ample space while effectively securing the player’s foot during crucial moments on the field.

Moreover, the Tiempos are renowned for their exceptional comfort, making them one of the most comfortable boots available in the market. The K-leather upper is enhanced with memory foam touch pods, offering a premium feel and cushioned contact with the ball.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground Boots – £235 at

When it comes to sizing, sticking to your true size is recommended with the Tiempo.


Puma Ultra

You might be skeptical about combining “Wide Feet” with a “Speed Boot Silo,” but the Puma Ultra Ultimate defies expectations with its exceptional design and boot technology.

There’s a popular saying, “Looks can be deceiving,” and it certainly applies here.

Puma Ultra Ultimate FG/AG Football Boots – £230 at

Typically, when it comes to wide feet, we would advise players to steer clear of speed boots. However, the Puma Ultra Ultimate defies this expectation with its exceptional design and boot technology.

How much does the Puma Ultra weigh?

Weighing in at the scales at a mere 160g, the Ultra Ultimate earns its place as one of the lightest boots available in the market, catering specifically to individuals with wide feet.

Puma Ultra Ultimate FG/AG Football Boots – £230 at


Mizuno Morelia Neo IV

We recommend you stay true to size wearing these sleek silos!

Specifically crafted for the Japanese foot, which is generally wider and flatter than the average European foot, the Morelia Neo becomes an excellent choice for wide-footed players looking to enhance their playmaking.

Compared to the previous model, the Neo III, the Neo IV features a slightly wider toe box to deliver a spacious yet enhanced fit, made possible by Mizuno’s high-quality synthetic leather.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £300 at

How do the Morelia’s perform on the pitch?

In terms of performance, the Neo III offers advanced stud placement and improved orientation, surpassing the capabilities of the Neo II. These enhancements ensure optimal traction and stability on the field, leaving traditional speed cleats behind.

But that’s not all. The boots provide a snug fit thanks to elasticated inserts strategically placed near the heel, making the Neo 3 a highly versatile and comfortable boot that doesn’t compromise on flexibility.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £300 at

Like what you see? You can cop all of the latest Rugby Boots for your wide feet from the today!

Guides Kit and Gear

The Best Rugby Boots for Forwards

These key components of the union code form the platform for which yards are gained and matches are won.

A Rugby Boot Overview

Early rugby boots all shared the same chunky shape, thick leather and metal composition, padded ankle and toe support, and solid soleplates with musket bullets for studs, specifically with the forwards game in mind.  

We understand everyone’s got different budget sizes. So, our list of the best forwards boots below is split into three categories – Premium, Pro and Budget Friendly

Playing in the UK?

We advise buying Soft Ground Boots (SG), so you’ll get the most use throughout the typically wet rugby season. If you happen to use artificial turf or live in a temperate climate, Artificial Ground (AG) football Boots are ideal, but Firm Ground (FG) rugby/football boots will do.

For those living in temperate climates with firmer natural pitches, firm ground boots are favoured.  

Premium Boots

Nike Phantom GX

What makes this boot stand out is the Agility Soleplate, a flexible open arch chassis. Highly competitive players will benefit from the Elite model because it features the full soleplate works, with more advanced textures such as Nike’s latest GripKnit technology for maximum grip on the ball and a snazzy 13 stud Tri-Star setup for dynamic lateral agility.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Some backs choose the Phantom, but they’re suitable for back row players, as Jack Nowell demonstrated while filling in at flanker in England’s valiant 14-man effort against Ireland.   

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Puma Future

A lightweight boot, suitable for players of any position, but ideal for second and back rows. Forwards will appreciate the snug, sock-like fit from a high-cut knit collar, supporting the ankles.

Puma Future Ultimate SG Football Boots – £195 at

There’s an array of elaborate designs to choose from, and they all look impeccable. 

Puma Future Ultimate SG Football Boots – £195 at

Adidas Kakari Z.1

The rugby boot blueprint. The standard for which every premium boot aims for, adidas’ formidable Kakari packs all the tech we’ve come to expect from the German brand’s dedicated rugby wing.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – £180 at

Favouring tough synthetic upper over leather, the long-running and now-lightweight Kakari sits on a flexible soleplate housing hollow metal studs

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – £180 at

Whichever boot you end up going for, if it’s any of the aforementioned – your feet and your teammates will be thankful as your game goes up a level. Take the time to research the best boot for you, invest in a pair of proper weapons and prove your point on the pitch.

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite

Introducing the Mizuno Neo IV Elite, set to make waves during the upcoming Six Nations Championship. Boost your techniques with these Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite SG Football Boots, specially engineered to provide a barefoot feeling with numerous improvements.

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite SG Football Boots – £185 at

Crafted from real K-Leather, these boots offer a unique blend of a barefoot sensation and robust durability, ensuring they withstand the demands of the game as you strive to achieve your best speeds ever. The choice of K-Leather boots speaks volumes about the performance and reliability they bring to the field.

The Mizuno Neo IV Elite boasts a lightweight and streamlined design, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed MIJ Neo III Beta. As the fourth generation in the Neo series, these boots continue the legacy of delivering unparalleled speed and comfort in a premium form factor. Since its debut in 2011, the Neo series has consistently pushed the boundaries of football boot technology.

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite SG Football Boots – £185 at

With its nifty design, the Neo IV Elite emerges as a strong contender for the footwear of choice for forwards at the Six Nations Championship. The combination of barefoot feeling, durability, and the streamlined design makes these boots an ideal companion for players seeking top-notch performance on the field. Step into the future of football footwear with Mizuno’s Neo IV Elite and experience the evolution of speed, comfort, and style.

Pro Boots

Puma Avant Pro

A cracking pair of rugby-specific boots tailored for games on soft ground. Puma have pretty much perfected the mid-range forward’s boot with these bad boys.

Puma Avant Pro 8 Stud Boots – NOW £105 (Was £129.99) at

They’re technically excellent with tough synthetic leather on the forefoot and heel areas, while Matryxmesh technology straddles the midfoot and a 10 metal and 1 moulded stud plate maximises traction. Aesthetically on point, the stylistically understated silo is composed of an all-black upper and contrasted with the light grey soleplate slicing the bottom of the boot.   

Puma Avant Pro 8 Stud Boots – NOW £105 (Was £129.99) at

Puma King Pro H8

It’s hard to make a case for any other mid-range rugby boot, regardless of your playing position.

Puma King Pro H8 Boots – NOW £45 (Was £90) at

Puma have taken the coolest football boot silhouette ever, the timeless King, and given it a proper rugby redo.  

Puma King Pro H8 Boots – NOW £65 (Was £90) at

Canterbury Phoenix Elite

Crafted from ultra-hard-wearing materials that can withstand the rigours of modern rugby, the Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite is the perfect pairing for rugby Forwards.

Canterbury Phoenix Elite Rugby Boots - Available at Lovell Rugby
Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Boots – £140 at

The forefoot combines supple premium leather with a knitted upper reinforced with Vaposkin – a fancy and tough new textile. What sets the Phoneix Gen apart is the all-new lightweight 6-studded outsole which uses biobased, Pebax® Powered composite materials for ultimate flex, traction and responsiveness.  

The Canterbury Phoenix Elite Rugby Boots - Now Available at Lovell Rugby
Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Boots – £140 at

Canterbury Stampede Pro

Stand your ground in the scrum. If you’re a tight five player, look no further than these boots, made with extremely tough polyurethane leather by Kiwi rugby connoisseurs Canterbury. These soft ground boots are the ideal hooves for forwards looking to cause havoc in and around breakdowns.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

The durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole is hardwearing, and houses eight 13mm metal studs with three moulds, helping players to physically and mentally dig in. 

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Budget Friendly Boots

Kooga Power

You cannot go wrong with this pair of blackout boots by rugby specialists KooGa. Forged from authentic thick leather, these padded boots are ideal for any forward playing at any level.

KooGa Power SG Rugby Boots – NOW £40 (Was £79.99) at

Players can enjoy a comfy, true to size fit that accommodate wider feet for stability and mobility. Even at their retail price, we think they offer the best value for money of any forward’s boot. Right now, they’re an absolute steal at half price. 

KooGa Power SG Rugby Boots – NOW £40 (Was £79.99) at

Like what you see, but haven’t quite found the right boot for you? Explore brands from Nike, adidas, Kooga, Puma, Canterbury and more at

In the meantime, you can check out the most popular rugby boots used by players of all positions below.


Guides New

Choosing the Right Rugby Boot for You

Rugby of any code is a dynamic sport, incorporating explosive athleticism, intricate footwork, jumping and kicking. In order to excel in these areas as a player, your boots must be a perfect fit.

What’s the difference between Rugby boots and Football boots?

A frequently asked question surrounding rugby boots concerns the differences with football boots. In the past, it was easy to distinguish between the two, as heavier rugby boots were much chunkier with a higher cut ankle.

Boots have evolved rather rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days of cumbersome cleats when most traditional rugby boots were a mid-top shape with ankle and tongue padding and tough toe support.

Contemporary rugby boots adhere more to football-style designs: they’re lighter with a lower cut, such as these adidas RS15 boots below.

adidas RS15 Pro SG Boots Mens – £220 at

Brands nowadays produce different boots for backs and forwards. With an emphasis on speed and agility- backs’ boots owe their performance to finely developed sprint soleplates. Many backs elect to wear football boots with the same DNA, and this is not an issue. Modern forwards boots are sturdier with alternative stud setups.

Despite the manufacturer consensus on engineering forwards’ boots, many pro pack players prefer sleeker silhouettes, like those worn by backs.

When it comes to selecting the right rugby boots, it’s imperative to have an idea of some specific requirements relative to your playing position and on-field attributes. There are two key factors to bear in mind.

Does the Surface Type affect which boots I should wear?

Surface type plays a decisive role in which boots to buy. Wet and muddy conditions soften the surface, demanding maximum traction, so screw-in metal studs are a must.

Natural grass pitches in the UK, Ireland and northern Europe are soft throughout most of the playing season, therefore require soft ground (SG) boots.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £300 at

Whereas firmer surfaces in warmer climates, such as the Southern Hemisphere nations, and artificial grass means firm ground (FG) boots should be worn.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £185 (Was £229.99) at

Depending on your playing position, you’ll need boots catering for certain needs. For Forwards, perhaps the most imperative aspect when deciding which boot to buy is the soleplate and stud setup. Optimum grip is of paramount importance for maximum traction when scrummaging and mauling, therefore forwards boots generally have eight studs in a 6×2 formation such as the adidas Kakari Z. 1 SG boot below.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – £180 at

Having 6 studs at the front and 2 on the back provides the best traction.

Backs often base their boot of choice on their preferred attribute; speed or kicking. Speedy backs, wingers in particular, should be opting for the lightest rugby or football boots possible. It’s not like they need the protection of a forward’s boot from all the contact they avoid.

You can’t get much lighter than the all-new Puma Ultra Ultimate! Whilst they are football boots first and foremost, they are an excellent choice for the wide-footed rugby player who is looking to gain some serious speed on the pitch. Weighing in at just 160 grams, you can’t go wrong sporting a pair of these silos!

Kick specialists (half and full backs) should look towards boots with added precision details in mind. adidas cater for kicking backs by supplying specialist boots with fine details engineered for ultimate kicking performance. For instance, the latest Predator Malice features dotted rubber elements arranged across the upper to boost kicking accuracy.

adidas Predator Malice Soft Ground Boots Mens – £200 at

Armed with this intel then, you can hopefully select your new wheels with confidence. With the biggest and best range of rugby boots, finding a pair at Lovell Rugby couldn’t be simpler.

Like what you see? Check out our latest Boot Launches and News here at The Full 80.

New News

South Africa Secure the Rugby World Cup for 2023!

South Africa lift the Webb Ellis Trophy.

Match Overview

The final served as a striking testament to the Springboks’ resilience, exemplifying their third consecutive one-point triumph in the tournament.

Their remarkable journey featured a heart-stopping 29-28 quarterfinal victory against hosts France and a gripping 16-15 win over England in the semifinals, all achieved with a razor-thin lead over their competitors.

This series of victories highlighted their extraordinary determination and ability to secure victories in the most challenging circumstances.

In contrast, the All Blacks found themselves on the losing end, primarily due to missed opportunities.

Richie Mo’unga’s inability to convert a crucial 58th-minute sideline kick and Jordie Barrett’s missed penalty from just beyond halfway in the 73rd minute proved costly.

The tension escalated further when Springboks winger Cheslin Kolbe received a yellow card for an intentional knock-on, leaving him in tears on the sideline, barely able to watch as his mistake almost cost South Africa.

The match reached its dramatic climax, both teams reduced to 14 players on the field at full-time.

New Zealand’s captain, Sam Cane, saw his yellow card upgraded to red by the television match official (TMO) for a high tackle on Jesse Kriel in the 27th minute, leaving the All Blacks with a numerical disadvantage in the crucial moments of the game.

As it Happened

The opening half of the match ignited the field with intense rivalry as both teams showcased impeccable defensive skills, turning the game into a gripping contest.

It became evident from the outset that the battle would be won in the trenches, with set-pieces and accurate kicks taking center stage.

Bongi Mbonambi’s early exit due to Shannon Frizell’s sin-bin penalty created a charged atmosphere, setting the tone for what lay ahead.

Handre Pollard seized the moment, propelling his team to a thrilling 3-0 lead and further solidifying his position as the leading scorer in the Men’s Rugby World Cup finals.

The first half witnessed a flurry of penalties, with Pollard adding to South Africa’s score while Richie Mo’unga responded for the All Blacks.

The tension reached its peak when Sam Cane, New Zealand’s captain, received a yellow card for a high tackle, later upgraded to a red card upon review.

This unprecedented moment heightened the stakes, intensifying the battle on the pitch.

With the teams exchanging penalties, the Springboks entered halftime with a 12-6 advantage. However, the second half burst into life when Siya Kolisi’s high tackle led to his yellow card, creating an electrifying 14 vs 14 scenario.

In this charged atmosphere, the All Blacks found an extra gear, coming close to breaking the deadlock. Aaron Smith’s potential try was denied, setting hearts racing among fans.

New Zealand, undeterred, managed to crack the formidable South African defense, scoring the only try of the match. Jordie Barrett’s strategic pass created an opening for Mark Telea, whose incisive run saw Beauden Barrett crashing over in the corner.

The missed conversion left the All Blacks trailing 11-12, setting the stage for a nail-biting 21-minute battle.

As the clock ticked down, the tension soared. Jordie Barrett took charge, attempting a decisive long-range penalty that narrowly missed its mark.

Simultaneously, Pollard, Damian Willemse, and Cheslin Kolbe launched daring drop-goal attempts, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats.

Despite Kolbe’s sin-bin penalty, the Springboks displayed unwavering determination. The climactic moment arrived when a resolute scrum held firm, and with the referee’s final whistle, South Africa etched their name in history, capturing the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup.

With celebrations in the air, Siya Kolisi did the honours of lifting the Webb Ellis Cup, marking a historic moment as he became the second captain to lift the prize for a second time.

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Highlights of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Semi-Final

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#1. Argentina vs New Zealand (6-44)

#2. England vs South Africa (15-16)

Friday, 20th October 2023

Argentina vs New Zealand (6-44)

Fans from across the globe found themselves teetering on the edge of their seats last Friday, their collective hopes and fears suspended in the tense air as Argentina stepped onto the field for their historic 37th clash against the mighty All Blacks.

For the passionate supporters of Los Pumas, the memory of their remarkable away victory against New Zealand in 2022 served as both inspiration and fuel, nurturing their dreams of witnessing yet another miraculous feat on the grand stage of the Rugby World Cup.

With fingers crossed and hearts pounding, they yearned for that spark of World Cup magic to ignite their team’s performance.

However, in a tournament defined by unlikely upsets and unexpected twists, this particular game stood as a stark exception to the rule, leaving fans in suspense and anticipation, wondering if the underdogs could once again rewrite the narrative.

As it happened

The game began with a determined effort from Los Pumas, who showcased their resilience by controlling possession within the All Blacks’ 22. Their efforts were rewarded with three points from Boffelli’s precise boot.

However, New Zealand swiftly countered, with Will Jordan breaking through Argentina’s defense and scoring the opening try.

Jordie Barrett followed suit with a sensational try, expertly maneuvering past the opposition’s defense and touching down in the corner.

Despite Boffelli’s attempts to narrow the gap with penalties, Mo’unga extended New Zealand’s lead with a successful kick after a breakdown penalty against Argentina.

As halftime loomed, Shannon Frizell capitalised on a fortuitous opportunity, scoring in the corner following a relentless multi-phase attack.

Although Mo’unga missed the conversion, the scoreboard read 20-6 in favour of the All Blacks at halftime.

The second half saw the All Blacks continuing their onslaught. Aaron Smith showcased his exceptional skills, breaking through Argentina’s defense for a brilliant solo try.

Frizell added his second try after an impressive 18-phase attack, and Will Jordan furthered the onslaught with his second score in the corner.

Despite New Zealand’s lock Scott Barrett being temporarily sidelined, it was Jordan who had the last word, completing his hat-trick with a breathtaking run down the pitch.

With this awe-inspiring performance, Will Jordan and the All Blacks sealed their place in rugby glory, earning their ticket to the Rugby World Cup final for the fifth time, leaving fans in awe of their unparalleled skill and determination.

Saturday, 21 October 2023

England vs South Africa (15-16)

In a pulsating showdown at the Stade de France, England’s rugby warriors came achingly close to a monumental upset, only to be thwarted by the relentless might of South Africa.

The match unfolded in a nerve-wracking fashion, with England falling short by the slimmest of margins, just one point away from securing their place in the final.

As it happened:

In what can only be described as a symphony of varying strategies, England’s early dominance came by way of Owen Farrell’s boot as he converted four penalties to lead his team 12-6 by halftime.

The England side, having not faced South Africa since the 2019 World Cup final (which they lost considerably, 12-32), seemed on the cusp of a seismic shock as they were on the verge of eliminating the reigning champions from the tournament to face the All Blacks in the final.

However, the Springboks, known for their resilience and ability to adapt, made crucial changes in their lineup after the break. They were determined not to go down without a fight, and they proved it in dramatic fashion.

Despite Farrell extending England’s lead with a drop-goal, a try from a driving line-out maul by RG Snyman brought the Springbok’s side within touching distance, trailing 15-13, with the match hanging in the balance.

In a decisive moment, the Boks’ formidable scrum power shifted the game’s momentum.

Handre Pollard’s match-winning penalty in the 77th minute dashed England’s hopes of a historic upset, reminiscent of the sensational 1999 France vs New Zealand semi-final that shook the rugby world.

The Springboks, true to their reputation, had held their nerve when it mattered most.

Heartbroken as a result of the outcome, England’s players fell to their knees as the final whistle blew, dealing a final devastating blow to a match that had left England tantalizingly close to rewriting the history books.

Steve Borthwick, England’s head coach, reflected on the closely contested match and commended both teams in an interview with ITV:

“Firstly immense credit to South Africa; they are current champions for a reason. I thought our players were magnificent. As I stand here and reflect, I’m very proud, and so should everyone else be. It’s too early to analyze the game right now, and we’ll reflect and recover as we prepare to play Argentina on Friday night. We wanted to play in the final, but we’re not, so we have to focus on the next game.

This is a very good group of players, seven of the match squad are 25 or under, and they’ll be in an England shirt for a long time to come.”

Now, the stage is set for a historic final between South Africa and New Zealand, both teams vying for a record fourth title.

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A Round-Up of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals

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#1. Wales vs Argentina (17-29)

#2. Ireland vs New Zealand (24-28)

#3. England vs Fiji (30-24)

#4. France vs South Africa (28-29)

Saturday, 14th October 2023

Wales vs Argentina (17-29)

In a nail-biting showdown at the revered Stade Velodrome in Marseille, Argentina showcased a masterclass in tenacity and skill, shattering Welsh dreams with their spectacular 29-17 victory.

The intensity of the match kept fans teetering on the edge of their seats as Argentina staged a comeback that will be remembered in rugby history.

The pivotal moment unfolded in the 68th minute when Joel Sclavi, undeterred by immense pressure, executed a flawless try, sending shockwaves through the stadium and leaving spectators in awe.

The tension reached its peak moments later when Nicolas Sanchez intercepted a crucial pass, solidifying Argentina’s triumph and securing their coveted spot in the semifinals.

The stadium reverberated with the roars of jubilant Argentine fans, marking this victory as a monumental achievement in their rugby journey.

As it happened:

Wales surged ahead in the early stages, establishing a commanding 10-0 lead within the initial 22 minutes of the match.

Dan Biggar, in a display of his remarkable skills in what would be his final Test appearance, orchestrated the Welsh offense with precision, showcasing his mastery through impeccable maneuvers and accurate passes.

Biggar’s synergy with George North and Gareth Davies created moments of sheer brilliance, particularly evident in the 14th minute when their seamless collaboration resulted in a try, expertly converted by Biggar.

His adept kicking, taking advantage of Argentina’s penalties, appeared to solidify Wales’ grip on the game.

Wales’ sturdy defense initially thwarted Argentina’s advances, laying the groundwork for their advantageous position.

However, Argentina’s unwavering determination gradually shifted the momentum in their favour. Emiliano Boffelli’s precise penalty kicks narrowed the deficit, injecting renewed vigor into the South American side.

The turning point materialised when replacement scrum-half Tomos Williams executed a lightning-fast sprint beneath the posts, swinging the momentum back in Wales’ favour.

Yet, controversy marred their lead when a contentious decision favoured Argentina, enabling Sclavi to score a pivotal try that propelled them ahead 19-17.

Despite the setback, Wales refused to concede defeat and launched a desperate offensive, coming agonisingly close to regaining the lead.

Rio Dyer’s setup for Louis Rees-Zammit appeared destined for glory, only to be thwarted by Matias Moroni’s impeccable tackle, dashing Welsh hopes in the final moments of the match.

With the game hanging in the balance, Sanchez seized a crucial opportunity by intercepting Sam Costelow’s pass in the 77th minute. His lightning-quick dash to the try line ignited exuberant celebrations among the passionate Argentine fans, sealing their remarkable victory.

This heartbreaking defeat not only signifies the end of an era for Wales, bidding farewell to legends like Biggar, Alun Wyn Jones, and Justin Tipuric, but also marks the ascent of a resilient Argentine team.

What’s next?

Argentina’s journey continues as they prepare to face New Zealand in the semifinals, promising yet another enthralling chapter in the annals of Rugby World Cup history. Rugby enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the next exhilarating clash on this grand stage.

Ireland vs New Zealand (24-28)

In a thrilling Parisian showdown that will be etched into rugby history, New Zealand shattered Ireland’s World Cup dreams for the second consecutive tournament, leaving the Irish side devastated.

Ireland, formerly the world’s top-ranked team, entered the match with high hopes of breaking their quarter-final curse, only to be thwarted by the relentless All Blacks in a pulsating encounter.

The defeat marked the end of Ireland captain Johnny Sexton’s illustrious career and crushed the aspirations of a nation that had dreamed of World Cup glory.

New Zealand, living up to their formidable reputation, showcased their dominance, securing a well-deserved 24-28 victory and earning their ticket to the semi-finals against Argentina at Stade de France.

As it happened:

The All-Blacks’ triumph was highlighted by tries from Leicester Fainga’anuku, Ardie Savea, and Will Jordan, showcasing their attacking prowess.

Despite Ireland’s valiant efforts, including scores from New Zealand-born players Bundee Aki and Jamison Gibson-Park, as well as a penalty try, their comeback fell short. The passionate Irish crowd among the 78,845 spectators cheered relentlessly, but a late resurgence proved elusive.

New Zealand exhibited remarkable resilience, even with two players, Aaron Smith and Codie Taylor, temporarily sidelined due to yellow cards. Ian Foster’s squad weathered the storm, seeking revenge after their previous Test series loss to Ireland on home soil.

The match, steeped in the intensity of this enduring rivalry, kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

This defeat not only halted Ireland’s impressive 17-match winning streak but also dashed their hopes of achieving a historic Six Nations Grand Slam and World Cup double, a feat accomplished only by England in 2003.

In stark contrast to their previous encounter in 2019, Ireland entered the match as favourites, yet New Zealand’s resurgence ensured a thrilling showdown.

The pre-match atmosphere buzzed with energy, reminiscent of the All Blacks’ opening-game loss to France and Ireland’s memorable victory over South Africa earlier in the tournament.

New Zealand seized the moment, seeking vengeance against Ireland and aiming to restore the legendary aura and fear factor associated with the All Blacks jersey.

In a match where nerves were palpable and both teams displayed remarkable skill, New Zealand emerged victorious, leaving Sexton and his teammates in a state of devastating disappointment.

As the All Blacks celebrated their momentous win, Ireland’s players and fans were left to contemplate the agony of an eighth quarter-final defeat, a bitter pill to swallow in their quest for World Cup glory.

What’s next?

With Ireland’s World Cup journey coming to an end, all eyes are now eagerly fixed on the upcoming Semi-final clash between the All Blacks and England, scheduled for Saturday, 21 October.

Following spectacular performances from both teams, anticipation is running high for what promises to be a historic and unforgettable match.

Sunday, 15th October, 2023

England vs Fiji (30-24)

England’s fate hung in the balance against a relentless Fijan onslaught on Sunday as the two teams battled it out to earn their place in the quarter- finals.

With 15 minutes remaining on the clock, the scoreboard teetered at 24-24, the outcome uncertain.

But in this crucible of pressure, it was Owen Farrell’s unyielding determination and the deafening roar of English supporters that proved to be the decisive force.

Amidst the deafening boos echoing through the stadium, directed at Farrell after his contentious selection over George Ford, England’s captain proved his mettle.

With ice in his veins and the weight of a nation’s expectations on his shoulders, Farrell orchestrated a remarkable turnaround.

His precision-guided boot, once the subject of doubt, became the instrument of England’s salvation. A nerve-racking drop-goal followed by a crucial penalty in the 78th minute, etched Farrell’s name in rugby history.

In a match where expectations were low, England’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. The vibrant orange of Fiji’s kit clashed with England’s white, mirroring the intensity on the field.

As it happened:

From the outset, England’s strategy was clear: exploit the breakdown, test Fiji’s resilience, and seize every opportunity. Elliot Daly’s tactical kicking set the stage, earning England crucial territory. A relentless onslaught, punctuated by Manu Tuilagi’s powerful try, showcased England’s newfound cohesion and determination.

The game swayed like a pendulum. Fiji, a team laden with the hopes of an entire nation, fought back fiercely. Viliame Mata’s darting try and Vilimoni Botitu’s skillful score elevated the match to a fever pitch, drawing the score level at 24-24.

Yet, amidst the chaos, England found composure.

The passionate crowd, a sea of white and red, urged their team forward. With sheer grit, England’s defense held firm against a relentless Fijian barrage.

The tension was palpable; the stakes couldn’t be higher. As the clock ticked down, Farrell’s boot, once doubted, emerged as the hero. A drop-goal, a stroke of brilliance, sailed through the posts, breaking the deadlock.

A subsequent penalty provided a slender cushion, and with hearts pounding, England’s defense stood tall against Fiji’s final assault.

What’s next?

Now, as the last standing home nation, England prepares for an epic clash against South Africa. The stage is set for a battle that will echo through the ages—a battle where courage meets destiny, and against all odds, England aims to etch its name in World Cup glory once more.

France vs South Africa (28-29)

Amid the electrifying atmosphere of Stade de France, the Springboks, led by the unstoppable force that is Even Etzebeth, orchestrated a breathtaking comeback against Les Bleus, shattering the host nation’s remarkable 18-game winning streak on home turf.

As it happened:

Right from the kickoff, the match surged with intensity as both teams exchanged blows in a pulsating first half.

Tries from Cyril Baille, Kurt-Lee Arendse, Damian De Allende, and the mesmerizing efforts of Cheslin Kolbe kept fans on the edge of their seats.

France, boosted by their passionate supporters and the return of their captain, Antoine Dupont, who bravely played despite a fractured jaw, fought fiercely. They managed to edge into halftime with a narrow lead, courtesy of Thomas Ramos’ precise kicking.

As the second half commenced, it was clear that neither side were willing to make a decisive error, and the pendulum swung back and forth before Etzebeth surged over the try line to turn the tide in South Africa’s favour.

Handre Pollard’s sensational penalty from inside his own half further bolstered the Springbok’s lead, with Pollard exhibiting exceptional composure under pressure.

The experienced South African squad, boasting eight starters from their 2019 World Cup triump over England, demonstrated their tournament prowess.

Their strategic play, including high-kicks targetting the vulnerable French wing Louis Bielle-Biarrey, proved pivotal.

Despite moments of brilliance from France, notably Peato Mauvaka’s threatening presence and Ramos’ precison with the boot, the Springboks maintained their focus.

As the clock ticked down, France, spurred on by their passionate support from their fans on home soil, made a desperate attempt to salavage the game. However, the Boks’ resolute defense held firm,denying any opportunities of the hosts of the chance of a late comeback.

The match concluded in a frenzy of excitement, with South Africa emerging victorious and their supporters jubulant.

What’s next?

With a hard-fought win under their belt, South Africa emerged victorious and now sets their sights on a tantalizing semi-final clash with England, a rematch of their 2019 final.

The Springboks, with their wealth of experience and unyielding spirit, will enter the final as strong favourites, aiming to secure their spot in consecutive World Cup finals.

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In the meantime, let us know in the comments your thoughts and predictions on who you feel will emerge as the Rugby World Cup victors. We’d love to hear from you!

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Round Five Highlights of the 2023 Rugby World Cup

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#1. New Zealand vs Uruguay

#2. France vs Italy

#3. Wales vs Georgia

#4. England vs Samoa

#5.Ireland vs Scotland

#6. Japan vs Argentina

#7. Tonga vs Romania

#8. Fiji vs Portugal

Thursday, 5th October 2023

#1. New Zealand vs Uruguay (73-0)

New Zealand dominated the Rugby World Cup clash last Thursday as they stormed into the quarter-finals, securing a sensational 73-0 victory over Uruguay.

As the All Blacks applied the pressure, their impressive tally of 11 tries exhibited how their prowess on the field was undeniable.

Most notably Will Jordan demonstrated his scoring finesse by crossing the try line twice, while Cam Roigard, Fletcher Newell, and Leicester Fainga’anuku made noteworthy contributions in the match. Fainga’anuku particularly stood out with a memorable hat-trick, showcasing his exceptional skills on the field.

Additionally, Tamaiti Williams, Richie Mo’unga, and Damian McKenzie also played crucial roles, with McKenzie adding two more tries to New Zealand’s already impressive tally.

Now propelling the All Blacks to the top of Pool A after accumulating 15 points, the New Zealanders are positioned two places ahead of hosts France.

Even in the face of adversity following the loss of tighthead prop Tyrel Lomax due to an earlier injury in the game, the All Blacks displayed unwavering determination as they faced the ambitious Uruguay team, ranked 17th in the world.

Although Uruguay initially put up a fight, it didn’t take long before New Zealand’s playmaking shone through.

McKenzie initiated the scoring for New Zealand in the 20th minute, with Mo’unga adding to the tally just five minutes later.

Jordan capitalised on a brilliant assist by McKenzie to secure another try for the All Blacks.

Roigard then clinched the bonus point with the fourth try just before halftime, establishing a commanding 26-0 lead for New Zealand at the break.

In the second half, New Zealand sustained their relentless attack, with players Newell, Fainga’anuku, and McKenzie all crossing the try line.

Despite Uruguay’s best efforts, it proved insufficient to fend off the All Blacks’ relentless onslaught.

Jordan and Fainga’anuku both scored their second tries, while replacement prop Williams marked his first Test try, not only contributing to New Zealand’s impressive tally but also highlighting Head Coach Scott Robertson’s exceptional eye for talent.

Fainga’anuku completed his hat-trick, putting the finishing touch on the scoreline just minutes before the end of the match.

Despite the crowd’s appreciation for Uruguay’s resilience, the game concluded with a final attacking effort from the South Americans.

Friday, 6th October 2023

#2. France vs Italy (60-7)

France confidently secured their spot in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals with a stellar performance on Friday, demonstrating exceptional determination as they scored eight tries, ultimately clinching a commanding 60-7 victory over Italy in Lyon.

The French team, otherwise known as Les Bleus, delivered a standout display, highlighted by Damian Penaud’s two tries in the first half, securing a crucial bonus point.

In addition to Penaud’s contributions, Louis Bielle-Biarrey and Thomas Ramos significantly added to the score, leading to an impressive halftime tally of 31-0.

The second half saw France maintain their dominance, with Matthieu Jalibert, Peato Mauvaka, and Yoram Moefana (twice) all scoring tries, extending Les Bleus’ lead to 52-0.

Despite Italy’s resilient efforts, Manuel Zuliani managed to score their sole try in the 70th minute, with Tommaso Allan successfully adding the extra points.

This victory allowed France to secure the top position in Pool A with 18 points, placing them ahead of New Zealand in the group stages, while Italy settled for the third position.

Notably, Fabien Galthie’s team faced this challenge without their captain, Antoine Dupont, who was sidelined due to a fractured jaw and subsequent surgery.

Despite Dupont’s absence, Maxime Lucu seamlessly took on the role of scrum-half for France. Remarkably, the team’s dominant performance against Italy showcased their resilience and depth, demonstrating that they were undeterred by the absence of their skipper.

For Italy, the tournament ended on a disappointing note, following their overwhelming 96-17 defeat by New Zealand on Thursday. As the final whistle blew, the visibly distraught second-youngest team in the tournament exited the competition, marking the conclusion of their challenging campaign.

Saturday, 7th October 2023

#3. Wales vs Georgia (43-19)

On Saturday, Wales showcased their unwavering determination and exceptional skills as they secured the top spot in World Cup Pool C with a hard-fought 43-19 victory over Georgia.

The standout star player, Louis Rees-Zammit, proved to be a force to be reckoned with, stunning spectators by scoring an exceptional hat-trick of tries for the daring dragons.

Despite Georgia’s spirited comeback, Wales displayed remarkable resilience, holding a 17-7 lead at halftime. Tries from Tomas Francis and Liam Williams highlighted their strong first-half performance.

However, Georgia’s captain, Merab Sharikadze, and substitutes Vano Karkadze and Davit Niniashvili managed to breach Wales’ defense, causing some initial concern.

The second half brought heightened pressure on Wales, but they managed to hold their ground. Late tries from Rees-Zammit and George North thwarted Georgia’s determined attempts, securing the victory.

Fly-half Sam Costelow, stepping in for the injured Gareth Anscombe, played a pivotal role, contributing 14 points through precise kicking.

As is characteristic of the Rugby World Cup, the match was filled with dramatic moments, including a late brawl that resulted in yellow cards for Niniashvili and Wales’ substitute Taine Basham.

With just one point needed to top the pool after their win against Australia, Wales faced a formidable challenge. However, Costelow’s strategic play in the first half, coupled with tries from Liam Williams and Rees-Zammit in the second, solidified Wales’ lead and ensured their triumph despite Georgia’s spirited efforts.

In the face of Georgia’s determined comeback, the exceptional performances of Louis Rees-Zammit and George North, along with Wales’ sixth try, ultimately secured the victory for Warren Gatland’s team.

Now, with a quarter-final showdown against Argentina scheduled for Saturday, October 14th in Marseille, the question lingers: will the dragons have what it takes to emerge victorious?

Only time will tell.

#4. England vs Samoa (18-17)

In a thrilling kickoff, England surged ahead, igniting the crowd’s fervor with Ollie Chessum’s swift ninth-minute try.

The stadium roared as Owen Farrell’s precise boot extended their lead to 8-0 with a 16th-minute penalty, etching his name in history as England’s all-time leading scorer.

Amidst Samoa’s early onslaught, England’s resilience shone bright. A brilliant exchange between Joe Marchant and Manu Tuilagi set the stage for Chessum’s corner glory.

Farrell’s 16th-minute penalty not only added points but marked a milestone, eclipsing even Jonny Wilkinson’s record.

Yet, Samoa’s ferocity couldn’t be denied. Nigel Ah Wong’s corner brilliance, fueled by Sopoaga’s expert conversions and Fumoi’s strategic kick, pushed Samoa to a commanding 14-8 halftime lead.

As the second half dawned, Samoa tightened their grip, expanding their lead to 17-8 with Sopoaga’s pinpoint penalty. England, undeterred, struck back swiftly, but a mistimed conversion attempt left points hanging in the balance.

Then came the turning point, as Tamua Manu’s sin-bin offered England a glimmer of hope. With sheer determination, Danny Care breached Samoa’s defenses, landing a converted try that propelled England to a nail-biting 18-17 lead.

Amidst relentless Samoa pressure, England’s warriors stood firm, securing a heart-stopping victory that echoed their unyielding spirit on the grandest international stage.

Owen Farrell gave his verdict on the game, noting:

“It was scrappy. It didn’t feel like the best from us, but all credit must go to Samoa.

“The way they came out and fired shots at us was tough to deal with at times.

I’m glad we found a way back in, and I’m glad when we weren’t at our best,we found a way to win”

With England set to play Fiji on Sunday, 15th October, do they have what it takes to get to the semi-finals?

#5. Ireland vs Scotland (36-14)

Ireland unleashed their fury in a thrilling face-off at the Stade de France, dazzling spectators with exceptional skill and determination against Scotland. The Shamrocks secured a resounding 36-14 victory, keeping fans teetering on the edge of their seats.

Their stellar performance catapulted them to the top spot in Pool B, marking a triumphant moment in the tournament. Ireland’s prowess was on full display as they notched up an impressive tally of six tries, orchestrated by standout players like James Lowe, Hugo Keenan (who notably scored twice), Iain Henderson, Dan Sheehan, and Garry Ringrose.

Amidst a barrage of challenges, including injuries to key players, Ireland exhibited exceptional resilience and unyielding determination on the field.

Lowe, seizing the moment, set the match’s tempo with a lightning-fast try within seconds of the opening minute. His brilliant move, orchestrated by Ringrose, exemplified Ireland’s strategic brilliance right from the start.

The momentum surged as Hugo Keenan, showcasing exceptional agility, secured his remarkable second try, courtesy of a seamless pass from Johnny Sexton. Bundee Aki’s precise offload paved the way, highlighting Ireland’s remarkable teamwork and creativity.

Iain Henderson, the embodiment of Ireland’s physical prowess and unwavering grit, swiftly followed suit, powering through the opposition to claim another try. Ireland, relentless in their pursuit of victory, kept Scotland on the defensive, capitalizing on defensive errors that resulted in penalties, frustrating their opponents.

Keenan sealed his brace with a pinpoint delivery from Sexton, while Sheehan acted on Ireland’s flawless attack, orchestrated by utility wing Jamison Gibson-Park, to notch another try.

Ringrose added the finishing touch, skillfully set up by Jack Crowley’s accurate kick-pass, showcasing Ireland’s finesse and precision.

Despite Scotland managing to score twice, including a spectacular counter-attack finished by scrum-half Ali Price, the night undeniably belonged to Ireland.

The only blemish was a missed opportunity for a seventh try, narrowly halted by a knock-on from Finlay Bealham.

With this victory under their belt, Ireland now sets their sights on their formidable rivals, the mighty All-Blacks, in the quarter-finals in Paris next Saturday, October 15th.

Their focus remains steadfast: securing a historic spot in the semi-finals for the nation, a feat that would etch their name in rugby history.

Sunday, 8th October 2023

#6. Japan vs Argentina (27-39)

Wales earned their ticket to the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals in an electrifying clash on Sunday, setting the stage for an exciting face-off against Argentina.

The match was an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, showcasing a gripping battle of skill and determination that unfolded over an undeniably intense 80 minutes.

From the get-go in Nantes, Argentina seized the initiative, with Santiago Chocobares lighting up the scoreboard just two minutes into the game.

Yet, Japan, resilient and unyielding, quickly countered with Amato Fakatava’s try, leveling the playing field and setting the stage for an epic clash.

The game’s intensity reached fever pitch when Pieter Labusschagne of Japan was sin-binned, granting Argentina a numerical advantage.

They capitalized on this opportunity with finesse, executing a brilliant team play that saw Mateo Carreras cross the try line, thrusting Argentina back into the lead. Emiliano Boffelli further extended their advantage with a precise penalty.

Undeterred, Japan roared back into contention, bolstered by Labuschagne’s return. Naoto Saito’s powerful breakthrough brought the score within a hair’s breadth at halftime, setting the stage for a nail-biting second half.

Carreras once again emerged as the hero, scoring his second try early in the second half and giving Argentina a much-needed cushion. Japan, displaying unmatched tenacity, fought back relentlessly, securing a crucial penalty and a drop-goal to keep the match hanging by a thread.

Boffelli’s pivotal try, followed by a successful conversion, propelled Las Pumas to a 29-22 lead, intensifying the battle. Japan, refusing to back down, responded with a converted try courtesy of Jone Naikabula.

However, Carreras, the standout star of the day, refused to be outdone, completing his hat-trick and widening Argentina’s lead.

In a dramatic exchange of exceptional playmaking, Japan threw everything they had at Argentina. The resilient South American side, however, stood their ground, securing a heart-stopping victory in a match that had fans on the edge of their seats.

With Argentina emerging victorious, the stage is set for a colossal quarter-final clash against Wales. This impending rematch promises to reignite the intensity of their battle just 11 months ago, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the tournament.

#7. Tonga vs Romania (45-24)

In a pulsating battle on the rugby field, Tonga roared to their first-ever triumph in the Rugby World Cup, outclassing Romania in a thrilling encounter.

Both teams stepped onto the pitch with a burning desire to escape the bottom spot, having weathered the storm against rugby powerhouses like Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa.

From the kickoff, the game blazed with intensity, fueled by the fervor of both teams.

Tonga’s attack was electrifying, sparked by the sheer genius of former All Black Charles Piutau (also known as Salesi) orchestrating a mesmerizing move that allowed Solomone Kata to glide over the try line just 11 minutes in.

Tonga’s onslaught didn’t stop there. Another All Black alumnus, George Moala, bulldozed through Romania’s defenses, securing their second try and sending the Tongan fans wild.

But Romania, resilient and unyielding, clawed back into the game. Their spirit shone as Conache’s precise kick found its mark, announcing Romania’s intent.

Yet, Tonga’s reply was swift and powerful. A thunderous run by Sione Talitui created a scoring opportunity, promptly capitalized by Afusipa Taumoepeau, extending Tonga’s lead to 21-3 within a whirlwind of 22 minutes.

Romania, refusing to bow down, launched a courageous fightback. Cristi Boboc’s tenacity and Florin Surugiu’s veteran prowess brought Romania within touching distance, narrowing the gap to just four points as the halftime whistle loomed.

The second half exploded with action. Tonga’s relentless Sioni Vailanu clinched Tonga’s bonus point, but Romania responded with a strategic gem. Nicholas Onutu’s drop-kick wizardry was flawlessly collected by the agile Marius Simionescu, breathing new life into Romania’s challenge.

Yet, as the clock ticked away, Tonga’s relentless energy proved unstoppable.

Pita Ahki’s finesse, Kata’s lightning speed for his second, and Kyren Taumoefolau’s finishing touch showcased Tonga’s exceptional skill and determination.

The stadium roared as Tonga’s defining moments reverberated, sealing a historic win and leaving rugby fans on the edge of their seats in sheer awe.

#8. Fiji vs Portugal (23-24)

Portugal claimed their inaugural World Cup win in a historic upset that reverberated through the rugby world, leaving fans and players in awe of their exceptional performance.

The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring heart-stopping moments and a finale that will be talked about for years. Rodrigo Marta’s last-minute try and Samuel Marques’s nerveless conversion transformed ordinary players into legends, etching the Portugal side’s names in rugby history.

The game itself was a thrilling spectacle, filled with tenacity, spirit, and a touch of unpredictability.

The first half, ending in a hard-fought 3-3 tie, showcased the unwavering resilience of both teams.

Fiji came agonizingly close to scoring the opening try, while Portugal’s Raffaele Storti missed a crucial opportunity, heightening the game’s tension to a fever pitch.

The turning point came early in the second half when Portela’s towering high ball and Lima’s pinpoint grubber paved the way for Storti to break the deadlock, unleashing Portugal’s latent potential.

Fiji, determined to regain control, managed to level the score through Botia, but Portugal’s unyielding defense, especially during Botia’s yellow card period, proved impenetrable.

Fiji briefly gained the upper hand with Doge’s determined effort and Lomani’s flawless conversions.

However, just as it seemed the tide had turned, Marta’s unforgettable inside run and Marques’s unerring accuracy in the dying minutes reclaimed victory for Portugal.

In a whirlwind of drama and brilliance, Portugal emerged triumphant, leaving an indelible mark on rugby history and inspiring generations of players and fans with their remarkable achievement.

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