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Ready Up Your Kicks: Introducing the Nike Tiempo 10 from the Nike “Ready Pack”!

Kickers, get ready to step into greatness with the Nike Tiempo 10 from the all-new Nike “Ready Pack”.

The Legacy of Tiempo

Let’s talk legacy, shall we?

Since its debut back in ’84, the Nike Tiempo boot has been an unwavering symbol of performance, prestige, and innovation. With stars like Owen Farrell, Jonathan Davies, and Sam Underhill proudly repping the famed Tiempo, it’s not just us saying it – their trust speaks volumes!

But wait, there’s more! Now it’s the kickers’ time to shine as the Tiempo 10 takes the grand stage, rising to become the ultimate choice for the new season! Get ready for kicking excellence like never before!

Goodbye to K-Leather?

Say farewell to K-leather as Nike embraces sustainability! The Tiempo 10 introduces ‘Fly Touch Plus,’ a calf leather tailored for kickers like you, with the perfect blend of softness, durability, and precision to elevate your game.

It’s time to bid farewell to K-leather, as Nike takes a sustainable stance!

By the end of 2023, they’ll no longer be using kangaroo leather. Instead, they’re introducing ‘Fly Touch Plus’ – a calf leather specially tailored for kickers like you. It’s got the perfect blend of softness, durability, and precision to elevate your game.

Worried about wet fields dampening your kicks?

Worry no more! The Tiempo 10’s synthetic upper is water-resistant, keeping you in control with its All Conditions Control technology, ensuring an unwavering grip that allows you to dictate the game’s pace with absolute confidence.

And that’s not the end of it; these boots are built for speed and agility like never before.

Comfort is King!

Comfort is a top priority for Nike. The Tiempo 10’s signature Fly Knit material ensures the perfect fit, allowing you to move naturally while staying stable during those game-changing kicks. Say goodbye to break-in blisters – the innovative cut-out in the heel takes care of that for you!

Get ready to kick like a pro!

The Tiempo 10 is all about precision with its micro-dots, giving you that second-skin feel for those accurate kicks. Plus, those fully conical top 6 studs offer excellent manoeuvrability, keeping you balanced in the scrums and ready for the perfect shot.

The sleek white upper with the striking black outline of the Nike Swoosh, paired with vibrant crimson detailing on the Flyknit collar, creates a modern and stylish look.

So, don’t miss out on the ultimate kicker’s boot – the Nike Tiempo 10. Head over to to score your pair and stay updated with the latest Rugby News, Guides, and Boot Launches at The Full 80

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