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The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2023

Envious of players who effortlessly slide into any boot without suffering from squashed toes, blistered feet, and sore arches for days after a big match? You’re not alone.

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#1. adidas

#2. Canterbury

#3. Nike

#4. Puma

#5. Mizuno

The Best Rugby Boots for Wide Feet 2023

In Rugby, dealing with scrums, rucks, mauls, and tackles is challenging enough without having to suffer from narrow-fitting boots that only add insult to injury!

At The Full 80, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite premium and takedown Rugby Boots that are guaranteed to fit the wide footed.


adidas Kakari Z.1

To begin with, let’s take a look at the adidas Kakari Z.1 rugby boots.

Engineered specifically for wide-footed players, these boots set the standard for premium footwear in the rugby world.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – NOW £140 (Was £179.99) at

With a lightweight synthetic ripstop upper taking centre stage, the Kakari delivers a lightweight and flexible feel that will see you through to the full 80 every time and without fail.

Why is the Kakari a popular boot for wide-footed players?

Popular among wide-footed players, the Kakari features a flexible soleplate that accommodates hollow metal studs, providing an enlarged surface area. This makes it ideal for wide-footed players, offering excellent traction and stability on the pitch.

It’s no wonder that props like Irish Rugby Union player Tadhg Furlong favor these boots!

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens – NOW £140 (Was £179.99) at

Whether you opt for the Kakari or any other recommended boots listed in this article, it goes without saying that your feet and teammates will appreciate the level of performance it brings to your game.

adidas Malice Elite

In recent years, the adidas Malice rugby boots have become the go-to choice for kickers, making a significant impact within the rugby world with its sleek design and impressive features that give players an edge over the competition.

adidas Malice Elite Soft Ground Boots – NOW £88 (Was £109.99) at

What makes the adidas Malice a kicking boot?

The adidas Malice stands out as a kicking boot due to its robust A-symmetric lacing system and the incorporation of 3D rubber elements on the forefoot. These features synergize to generate a generous sweet spot on the instep, guaranteeing cushioned contact when executing punts, drop-kicks, and place kicks

The base of the boot is also equipped with conical studs, enhancing the player’s running game and agility on the field. This design facilitates quick side-stepping, making it easier to manoeuvre past opponents and break for the try line.

adidas Malice Elite Soft Ground Boots – NOW £88 (Was £109.99) at

Reminiscent of the higher-priced Predator Malice boots worn by Scotland’s Finn Russell, the adidas Malice boots not only have a stylish appearance but also deliver exceptional performance.

Whether charmed by its good looks or practicality on the field, the Malice boots live up to their reputation as a top choice in rugby footwear.


Canterbury Phoenix Elite

The Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite rugby boots have rightfully earned their reputation with the Rugby world as the best choice for players seeking top-notch performance on the field.

Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Rugby Boots Mens – NOW £90 (Was £139.99) at

These boots excel in every aspect that matters. With their durable synthetic upper and reinforced stitching, they offer exceptional durability and longevity.

How is the Phoenix Elite a unique rugby boot?

One of the unique features of the Phoenix Genesis Elite is the advanced ‘Wishbone’ technology used in the sole plate. This refined boot technology ensures optimal traction, agility, and stability, allowing players to perform at their best.

Moreover, the boots provide excellent support and cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries!

Canterbury Phoenix Elite SG Rugby Boots Mens – NOW £90 (Was £139.99) at

The Canterbury Phoenix Genesis Elite rugby boots combine outstanding quality, superior performance, and unmatched comfort, making them the ultimate choice for rugby enthusiasts who demand the very best.

Canterbury Stampede

The Canterbury Stampede rugby boots are an excellent choice for individuals with wide feet. These boots are specifically designed to cater to the needs of wider foot shapes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit on the rugby field.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Canterbury is King for the Wide-Footed!

With their wider toe box and generous forefoot space, the Stampede boots provide ample room for natural toe splay, reducing discomfort and potential pressure points.

Additionally, they feature supportive midfoot technology, such as durable lacing systems and reinforced overlays, to ensure stability and prevent unwanted foot movement.

Canterbury Stampede Pro SG Boots – NOW £85 (Was £94.99) at

Whether you’re a forward or a back, the Canterbury Stampede rugby boots offer the perfect combination of width, support, and performance, making them an ideal choice for players with wider feet.


Nike Phantom GX Elite DF

Did you recently buy a pair of Nike Mercurials only to find out they’re too narrow for your feet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

The Phantom GX, particularly the Elite DF version mentioned below, incorporates Gripknit technology in a single layer to provide wider-footed players with a barefoot sensation and enhanced control with each touch and tap.

Does synthetic stretch?

Although the boots are made of synthetic material that doesn’t stretch as easily as leather, they will gradually soften over time, ensuring a highly comfortable and adaptable fit.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Furthermore, the semi-split soleplate design allows for additional space around the arch, allowing even players with the widest feet to seamlessly place their feet into these boots.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

Nike Tiempo Legend

Since its debut in 1994, the Nike Tiempo has undergone significant technological refinements, establishing itself as one of the finest boots ever created.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground Boots – £235 at

The Tiempo comes out on top!

While slim models like Nike’s Vapor and Superfly don’t adequately accommodate wide feet, the Tiempo addresses this issue with its spacious toe box. Along with its patented NIKE GRIP insoles and Flywire cables in the midfoot, the Tiempo strikes the perfect balance, providing ample space while effectively securing the player’s foot during crucial moments on the field.

Moreover, the Tiempos are renowned for their exceptional comfort, making them one of the most comfortable boots available in the market. The K-leather upper is enhanced with memory foam touch pods, offering a premium feel and cushioned contact with the ball.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite SG Pro Anti-Clog Soft Ground Boots – £235 at

When it comes to sizing, sticking to your true size is recommended with the Tiempo.


Puma Ultra

You might be skeptical about combining “Wide Feet” with a “Speed Boot Silo,” but the Puma Ultra Ultimate defies expectations with its exceptional design and boot technology.

There’s a popular saying, “Looks can be deceiving,” and it certainly applies here.

Puma Ultra Ultimate FG/AG Football Boots – £230 at

Typically, when it comes to wide feet, we would advise players to steer clear of speed boots. However, the Puma Ultra Ultimate defies this expectation with its exceptional design and boot technology.

How much does the Puma Ultra weigh?

Weighing in at the scales at a mere 160g, the Ultra Ultimate earns its place as one of the lightest boots available in the market, catering specifically to individuals with wide feet.

Puma Ultra Ultimate FG/AG Football Boots – £230 at


Mizuno Morelia Neo IV

We recommend you stay true to size wearing these sleek silos!

Specifically crafted for the Japanese foot, which is generally wider and flatter than the average European foot, the Morelia Neo becomes an excellent choice for wide-footed players looking to enhance their playmaking.

Compared to the previous model, the Neo III, the Neo IV features a slightly wider toe box to deliver a spacious yet enhanced fit, made possible by Mizuno’s high-quality synthetic leather.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £300 at

How do the Morelia’s perform on the pitch?

In terms of performance, the Neo III offers advanced stud placement and improved orientation, surpassing the capabilities of the Neo II. These enhancements ensure optimal traction and stability on the field, leaving traditional speed cleats behind.

But that’s not all. The boots provide a snug fit thanks to elasticated inserts strategically placed near the heel, making the Neo 3 a highly versatile and comfortable boot that doesn’t compromise on flexibility.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Soft Ground Football Boots – £300 at

Like what you see? You can cop all of the latest Rugby Boots for your wide feet from the today!

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