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The Best 2023 Rugby World Cup Shirts (So far)

With just a few months to go until the Rugby World Cup, we’ve rounded up our favourite Rugby World Cup shirts that we can expect to see on the pitch. You won’t want to miss this!

#1. Scotland

First up, we have Scotland’s tantalizing return of their signature Tartan in heritage dark blue, and it’s clear to see why it’s a fan favourite!

Where previous jerseys, such as the 2019 RWC Scotland Home Shirt incorporated subtle glimpses of tartan in their design, the 2023 Home Shirt goes all out to make a statement, featuring the iconic Scottish Rugby Union Tartan on each side panel, adding a touch of classic Scottish heritage.

Pair this with their tartan shorts and they’re on to a real winner with what we feel to be one of the most iconic kits to grace the world stage in years!

Macron Scotland RWC 2023 Limited Edition Authentic Home Shirt – £180

We can expect to witness the Home Shirt in all its glory when Scotland kicks off their RWC 2023 campaign against defending champions South Africa in Marseille on Sunday, 10th September.

#2. England

Next up, we have the tried and tested England jersey, lovingly supplied by none other than Official Technical Kit partner , Umbro.

Designed to embody the spirit of English rugby, this authentic home shirt exudes tradition and modernity. With its confident and regal aesthetic, it pays homage to the rich legacy of the sport while embracing the dynamic future of the game.

Thanks to its cutting-edge features, the shirt boasts “contoured anatomical knit panelling” that moves seamlessly with the players’ bodies, empowering them with a sense of strength and self-assurance on the field.

While some fans dig the minimalistic and sleek design, representing England’s fresh start in France for the Rugby World Cup, we can’t help but think that Umbro could’ve added a little something extra…

Those missing red bands on the sleeves leave us wanting a touch more colour and flair to truly amp up the excitement!

#3. France

As the hosts of this year’s tournament, it’s only right that France have a revamped kit that oozes style and confidence, and kit supplies Le Coq Sportif don’t disappoint!

While their previous Home Shirts, like the 2019 jersey, showcased a two-tone signature blue colorway rising from the hem to the chest, the 2023 kit takes a fresh approach.

It nails the perfect balance between a captivating aesthetic and tradition, with the two-tone colouring now beautifully accentuating the shoulders, collar, side panels, and sleeves.

Le Coq Sportif France RWC 2023 Home Mens Rugby Shirt – £85 at

Pair this with their classic white shorts and red socks and France could be on to a World Cup win in this shirt!

#4. All Blacks

As three-time Rugby World Cup champions, the New Zealand All Blacks rightfully deserve a kit that matches their sensational playmaking and embraces Maori tradition, and adidas have delivered just that.

The design process for the All Blacks jersey took an impressive three years, with adidas working closely with the New Zealand Rugby organization and the talented French artist, Fey The Wolf. The result is a jaw-dropping head-turner, where the dominating iconic fern makes a powerful statement across the entire jersey.

In our exclusive interview with adidas Category Director Matt Fielding and Vice President of Design Ben Harath, we gained fascinating insights into the tremendous effort the kit supplier put into engineering a shirt that truly embodies the essence of All Blacks Rugby.

adidas New Zealand All Blacks RWC 2023 Home Performance Jersey – NOW £120 (Was £139.99 at

Fey The Wolf, the talented French artist, played a crucial role in the creation of this exceptional jersey. With the opportunity to meet the team and collaborate with numerous others involved in the process, he ensured that every element of the design resonates with the All Blacks’ remarkable journey.

The result? A masterpiece that goes beyond mere aesthetics, capturing the very essence and codes of All Blacks Rugby.

#5. Italy

Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite design of Macron’s Italy Home Shirt for this year. Adorned with stylized laurel wreaths, it beautifully pays respects to the team’s rich heritage.

The front displays boast dye-sub graphics, while the back showcases embossed graphics, including the iconic Capitoline Wolf.

These thoughtful details are bound to instill feelings of national pride in every fan of the Azzuri. Don this impressive jersey and feel the passion and tradition of Italian rugby come to life!

#6. Chile

Step aside, world, because Chile is making their grand Rugby World Cup debut as Americas 2 qualifiers, and they’re bringing the heat with a kit that’s nothing short of spectacular!

Thanks to the creative masterminds at Umbro, this sizzling jersey proudly showcases the vibrant colors of the country, exuding pure pride from every thread.

Showcasing a sea of fiery red adorned with bold blue accents on the cuffs, sides, and collar, the Chilean jersey an absolute showstopper that demands attention. It’s like a burst of energy on the rugby stage, setting hearts ablaze with its captivating contrast!

Umbro Chile RWC 2023 Home Shirt – £80 at

As they prepare to compete in Pool D of the Rugby World Cup, this distinctive kit will be displayed in all its glory when Chile takes on rugby giants Argentina, England, Japan, and Samoa.

But this jersey is more than just sportswear; it symbolizes Chile’s rugby legacy and serves as a powerful source of inspiration for players and fans alike. With its eye-catching design and meaningful symbols, this jersey truly reflects the heart and soul of Chilean rugby. Get ready to witness the passion and pride of Chile as they ignite the world stage with their unstoppable spirit!

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments your thoughts about the all-new Rugby World Cup Shirts and who you’ll be supporting for 2023. We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, be sure to stay in the loop with the latest Rugby News, Guides & Boot Drops at The Full 80.

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