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Rugby Boot Packs to Feature at Six Nations

The Six Nations champions would be nothing without their boots…

At The Full 80, we’ve rounded up a list of the best boot brands in the business that are soon set to showcase their potential on the feet of the Six Nation’s most prolific players. So, feast your eyes rugby fans, and prepare for these colourful boots to dominate the pitch in the coming months!

adidas Road to Paris Pack

The best in class, it’s no wonder the adidas “Road to Paris Pack” is to showcase its unique potential on the pitch at the Six Nations tournament this year.

adidas Adizero RS7

Set to be worn by Ireland’s Josh van der Flier in the upcoming Six-Nations Rugby Tournament, the adidas Adizero RS7 SG rugby boot represents performance at its peak.

Evoking an aesthetically stunning Core Black/Cloud White/Gold Metallic colourway blended with detailed floral accents, adidas do things a little differently with this design…

adidas Adizero RS7 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

Featuring a lightweight synthetic upper, paired with adidas’s GEOFIT technology, no gaps are left uncovered thanks to strategically placed Sensepod inserts to the ankle and midsole to keep you firm on the ground.

A signature lightweight soleplate features on the base, making traction effortless, resulting in sprints and side steps becoming a breeze for Wingers, Centres and Full-backs.

adidas Adizero RS7 Soft Ground Boots – £180 at

A stunning display of adidas’s dedication to providing unbeatable performance on the pitch!

adidas Predator Malice

France’s Rugby prodigy Antoine Dupont and Scotland’s sensational Finn Russell are both expected to be wearing the adidas Predator Malice at this year’s Six Nations – and for good reason too!

Not only do the boots represent a phenomenal Cloud White/Shadow Navy/ Bliss Orange colourway, but the sheer attention to detail and consideration of the player is what makes these boots truly stand out from the crowd.

Featuring asymmetrical lacing and synthetic suede tongue, alongside padded foam pockets placed around the ankle, the boot becomes the perfect pairing for those all-important place kicks, drop kicks and punts.

adidas Predator Malice Soft Ground Boots Mens – £200 at

Diamond-shaped detailing also features toward the forefoot, to provide a complimentary boost to help players improve the accuracy of their kicks.

Similar to the Adizero RS7, the Predator Malice also features the latest GEOFIT technology (as expected being a part of the ‘Road to Paris’ Pack) so rest easy in the knowledge that your feet will be firmly planted into these boots!

adidas Predator Malice Soft Ground Boots Mens – £200 at

adidas Kakari Z.1

Ireland’s Tadgh Furlong is set to grace the pitch at the Six Nations this year by keeping it cool in a pair of Kakari Z.1s and we can’t fault his choice with this unique cleat!

Gracing our eyes with a beautifully bold Shadow Navy/Cloud/Silver Dawn colourway with brilliant white stitching and a pastel pink soleplate, the adidas Kakari Z.1 paints a picture like no other.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens -£180 at

Soft to the touch and offering the player exceptional comfort and lockdown thanks to a combined inner support strap and lightweight synthetic Ripstop upper, it comes as no surprise why this boot is the boot of choice for the rugby enthusiast.

Lightweight in nature, the eight-stud soleplate becomes the perfect sign-off in offering players ultimate traction, whilst becoming ideal for keeping players stable in the scrums or for those who want to build momentum when they need it most.

adidas Kakari Z.1 Soft Ground Boots Mens -£180 at

A bold boot for the brave player, we simply can’t get enough of the adidas Kakaris!

Nike Generation Elite Pack

Elite boots designed for the Elite player. The Nike Generation Elite pack is here and we can’t wait to see how the boots perform at this year’s Six Nations Championship!

Nike Phantom GX Elite

Whilst we are yet to confirm who will be sporting the latest addition to the Nike Phantom GX boot line, one thing’s for sure, this silo won’t be slipping under the rugby radar. Just look at the captivating blend of the baltic blue, pink blast and brilliant white colourway! Perfection if we ever saw it…

Engineered with Nike’s latest GripKnit technology, the nifty grip combines knitted yarn with TPU( Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to administer an exceptional close-to-the-ball feel.

The textured fingerprint-like grip also promotes better accuracy and control, whilst offering added water resistance to keep the player’s feet dry in even the harshest wintry conditions.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots – £245 at

A patented ‘Ghost Lacing System‘ in the upper helps the wearer waste no time by making the tightening of laces effortless, requiring only a single pull.

Our favourite thing about the boot? The soleplate.

Showcasing a total of 13 studs (yes, 13!), 5 of which are ‘Tri Star‘ in shape, the Phantom GX possesses the highest stud variation of any Nike boot on the market.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Soft Ground Football Boots– £245 at

Watch your rivals marvel as you speed past them towards the Try Line.

Nike Tiempo Elite

You can’t beat the classics- well, not when they look as good as this…

Showcasing a futuristic Space Purple/White colourway, Nike has certainly pulled out all the stops to make this classic silo modern, and just in time too for the 2023 Six Nations Rugby Championship. Lucky us!

Set to be worn by England’s Marcus Smith and Owen Farrell, we can’t wait to see how the Tiempo Elite performs on the pitch!

Offering the player a spacious toe box, coupled with textured grip insoles and Flywire cables in the midfoot, Nike provides the player with the perfect balance in offering space, whilst keeping the player’s foot locked down at crucial periods within the game.

Nike Tiempo Elite SG Football Boots – £215 at

Equipped with a streamlined upper and re-engineered anti-clog soleplate, the Tiempo Elite Legend 9 becomes one of the lightest Tiempo boots to ever hit the public market!

Oh.. and did we also mention they’re some of the most comfortable boots for rugby players too?

Memory foam touch pods are embedded within the K-leather upper to offer a premium feel, whilst delivering cushioned contact with the ball.

Nike Tiempo Elite SG Football Boots – £215 at

It’s hard to find fault with this one. No wonder the Tiempo has been the boot of choice for players since 1994!

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite DF

The Superfly silo is soon set to showcase to the world its potential at the Six Nations Championship this year by France’s cherished Centre- Gaël Fickou.

Arriving in an alluring White/Pink Blast/Indigo Haze/Baltic Blue colourway, it won’t be hard to miss this sleek silo from the stands!

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite DF SG Football Boots – £260 at

Engineered for speed, the Mercurial Superfly encompasses the latest Vaporposite boot tech to bestow an extremely thin and lightweight material on the upper, that offers unrivalled stability and durability when it really matters.

In looking to the bottom of the boot, Nike’s signature ‘Air Zoom’ soleplate takes centre stage as the most innovative piece of tech to feature.

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite DF SG Football Boots – £260 at

Thanks to a Zoom Air unit situated directly inside of the soleplate, Nike places the player’s foot closer to the ground to offer a more natural feel whilst delivering a highly responsive energy return, placing the player at the centre of the game.

An iconic boot set to make history for a second time at the Six Nations!

Mizuno – The ‘Dark Iridium’ Pack

Japanese sports giant Mizuno meets an iridescent revamp with their latest lineup – the Dark Iridium boot pack.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ

If the likes of Mizuno’s ambassadors Dan Norton and Nemani Nodolo are anything to go by, it should come as no surprise that Neo III’s MIJ belongs to the Elite Class…

Since the days of ’85, the Morelia boot has been tearing up the pitch on the feet of pros and is to be showcased at the Six Nations Championship by Italy‘s Flanker, Michele Lamaro.

Arriving in an iridescent ‘Dark Iridium‘ colourway, Mizuno’s third generation of the Neo comes complete with a refined shape and taller toe box to become the perfect pairing for wide-footed players whilst delivering exceptional lockdown at the same time.

Mizuno Morelia Made in Japan SG Boots – £285 at

Weighing in at just 190g, Mizuno has pulled out all the stops to ensure the latest addition to the Morelia lineup is the lightest yet and without compromise too!

Mizuno Morelia Made in Japan SG Boots – £285 at

Sporting a dual-density soleplate to the bottom of the boot, the Morelia’s offer superior stability and traction, with the addition of reinforced studs to promote long-lasting performance

Made in Japan, like all top-end Mizuno boots, the Morelia Neo III also boasts Mizuno’s Barefoot Knit material toward the collar of the boot to offer exceptional lockdown and breathability to keep you cool on the pitch.

An enigmatic display of Mizuno’s dedication to the game!

Mizuno Neo 3 Elite SI 

The second silo in the Dark Iridium lineup – the Mizuno Neo 3 Elite SI.

Ireland‘s Second Row Taghg Beirne is set to wear these K-leather boots at the Six Nations Championship in the coming weeks and for all the right reasons…

Comprised of a lightweight, streamlined design reminiscent of the MIJ Neo III Beta above, the Elite SI becomes the third generation of Neo boot to deliver unrivalled speed and comfort in a premium form factor since the first Neo debuted to the world in 2011.

Mizuno Neo 3 Elite SI SG Rugby Boots – NOW £145 (Was £184.99) at

Providing players with the same Barefoot Knit material on the collar as found on the MIJ Neo III‘s, the Neo III Elite SI‘s not only produce refined lockdown, but a tongue-less upper in the mid-foot delivers a more streamlined feel, enabling punts and place kicks to be taken with pinpoint precision.

Mizuno Neo 3 Elite SI SG Rugby Boots – NOW £145 (Was £184.99) at

Underfoot, we find a dual-density outsole to promote superior stability and traction, with the SI offering its user the ability to remove and interchange the stud configuration to suit their particular playing style/position.

The nifty Neo is a firm contender for being one of the best boots to feature at the Six Nations Championship this year!

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