4th February 2023
Round One: Scotland Clinch the Calcutta Cup Scotland made history on the weekend to secure their third successive Calcutta Cup victory against England with a nail-biting 23-29 win for the Scots.Read More
4th February 2023
Round One: Ireland Secure Biggest Six Nations Win Since 2001 A landslide victory took place for Ireland on the weekend, as Wales saw themselves struggling to withstand the onslaught from the stellar Shamrocks that ended the match 10-34 in Ireland's favour. Read More
27th January 2023
The Rugby Turf War: An Artificial Ground Dispute 
Synthetic surfaces have become widespread worldwide. Popular for their durability and low maintenance, they provide year-round use from which clubs and communities can squeeze maximum usage.Read More
27th January 2023
The Rugby Kicking Game Explained  Rugby union shares similar tactical philosophies with association football. The correlation is natural: both are invasion team sports, where honing command of spatial dimension is crucial for success.Read More
27th January 2023
Bolters to Break out at Six Nations 2023 The Six Nations - where champions are born.Read More
25th January 2023
Six Nations Predictions and Stand Out Players With the Six Nations ready to grace our screens, we can't wait to see players battle it out as they go head to head to secure a win for their nation. Read More
1st January 2023
Premiership Rugby Team of the Year Lovell Rugby’s Gallagher Premiership Team of The YearRead More