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Rugby Shirts Decoded! Size Guides and Fit Secrets Revealed!

Get ready to dive into the world of Lovell Rugby, where each shirt is a unique masterpiece. Whether you’re eyeing adidas’s “Player Shirt” or Macron’s superhero equivalent, the “Bodyfit,” it’s essential to decode the language to conquer the Lovell Rugby collection.

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#1. Shirt fit types explained

#2. Finding your fit

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Talking the Talk: Understanding Lovell Rugby’s Shirt Speak

So, you’ve got your eyes on those rugby shirts, and the terms are coming at you like tackles during a match? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Each brand has their own language, and understanding it is key to finding the perfect fitting shirt for you!

Lovell Rugby’s Unique Shirt Fits

Now, let’s talk about fits.

Lovell Rugby isn’t just about slapping any shirt on your back—it’s about finding the one that screams “you.” We’ve got three main fits for you to choose from, each with its own flavour.

#1. Pro Fit

#2. Replica Fit

#3. Classic Fit

#1. “Pro Fit” – Embracing the Player’s Essence

Starting off with the Pro Shirt—also known as the Authentic or Players fit.

This is a bit like imagining owning a player’s shirt; it’s super slim, snug in all the right places,and packed with high-tech features like grip technology on the front and high-quality fabrics to improve performance.

Umbro England Rugby 2023 Home Pro Shirt Mens – NOW £88 (Was £110) at


  • Tight-fitting profile.
  • Utilises technical fabrics for exceptional temperature regulation & sweat-wicking.
  • Textured grip features on chest area to improve ball carrying.
  • Premium materials & technologies.

#2. “Regular Fit” – Balancing Slimness & Comfort

Now, let’s dive into the Regular fit, also affectionately known as the ‘Replica Fits.’

Striking a perfect balance between a slim yet comfortable profile, Regular Fit rugby shirts are crafted with fans in mind, making them the go-to choice for cheering on your team—whether it’s from the comfort of your own home, in the pub, or right there in the stands.

Umbro England Rugby 2023 Home Shirt Mens – NOW £60 (Was £75) at

As the typically most popular option, Replica Fits might not boast as many fancy tech features as their Pro Shirt counterparts, but they more than make up for it in comfort. Plus, they come in at a more budget-friendly price point.

While they might not be loaded with tech, Replica Fits do leverage a variety of technical fabrics, making them the ideal companion for regular gym-goers or intense training sessions!


  • Slim fitting, yet not skin-tight.
  • Lightweight, wicks moisture – Ideal for training sessions/gym.
  • Same design as Authentic Shirt (+ sponsor on chest).
  • Ideal piece of teamwear.

#3. “Classic Fit” – Embracing Tradition

If you’re a soul that appreciates tradition, the Classic fit is your jam.

It’s like a throwback to the old-school rugby days, with a proper button-up collar and the feel of traditional cotton. It’s heavier, a bit looser, perfect for lazy weekends filled with rugby nostalgia.

Umbro England Rugby 2023 Alternate Classic L/S Shirt – NOW £55 (Was £75) at


  • Features “Traditional” rugby collar.
  • Made from heavy cotton or part-cotton.
  • Loose-fitting for a comfortable feel.
  • Features same design as found on game-day shirts.


Mens’ General Size Guide

Now, let’s talk numbers.

Our Men’s General Size Guide is like your playbook for picking the right fit. Whether you’re a Pro, Replica, or Classic fit enthusiast, knowing your measurements is the key to finding the perfect rugby shirt.

Womens’ General Size Guide

Women’s sizing follows a slightly different approach, so it’s crucial to understand how sizes align with specific fits. We highly recommend using the table below to identify your fit:

Kids’ General Sizing

Finally, if you’re in the market for a rugby shirt for your child, we recommend following the sizing guidelines below:

Decoding the Size Chart

You’ve got your numbers; now it’s time to decode the size chart. Brands may have their quirks, so take a minute to understand what those numbers and letters really mean.

Addressing Body Type

We’re all unique, just like our playing styles. Consider your body type. Are you a powerhouse prop or a nimble winger? Your position on the field might influence how you want that shirt to sit on your shoulders. It’s like picking the right boots for your playstyle—it makes a difference.

Sizing for Performance and Comfort

Consider your position—do you need room to sprint like a winger or the tight fit of a scrum-half? It’s your game; tailor your fit accordingly.

Wrapping up

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to conquering the Lovell Rugby collection and finding your perfect fit.

It’s not just about wearing a shirt; it’s about finding the one that makes you feel unstoppable on the pitch!

Browse the latest rugby shirts from Lovell Rugby now, and find your fit.

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