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How to Choose the Right Kicking Tee-Rugby Bricks Edition.

At the Full 80, we’re back with yet another exclusive breakdown of how to choose the correct kicking tee for you.

What is a Kicking Tee?

Let’s nip this one in the bud. A Kicking Tee is a Fly-Half’s best friend whose sole purpose is to give the rugby ball some clearance from the ground whilst keeping it in place for a kicking conversion.

Having been invented by Don Burgess in the late 1950s, it wasn’t until 1988 that the Kicking Tee became accepted within the Rugby world. Even then it was only allowed in Canada, replacing the original method of using sawdust, sand and soil to elevate the ball.

Now taking the world by storm, Kicking Tees are responsible for approximately 45% of points scored in international Rugby Union matches!

How do I select the Right Kicking Tee for me?

When selecting the right Kicking Tee for use out on the pitch, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

#1. How well does it hold the ball in your desired position?

#2. Does your Kicking Tee suit your style of kicking?

If you cover these two areas, you’re on your way to finding the perfect Kicking Tee.

Low-Kicking Tees (Height:76mm, Width:154 mm)

Popular within the Rugby Union, Low Kicking Tees are characteristically the most stable and well-balanced thanks to their low centre of gravity and are arguably the least affected by unpredictable weather conditions.

Ideal for power kicks, the Low Kicking Tee is the perfect pairing for strong kickers.

Is the Low-Kicking Tee right for me?

We’d recommend this type of tee for the more experienced kicker as it sits low to the ground, as it can be more difficult for the player to initiate pure contact with the ball without clipping the ground when following through.

The Best Low-Kicking Tees Money Can Buy

Rugby Bricks Wolf Kicking Tee (H:46 mm, W:136 mm)

Specifically tailored toward players who like to have an upright ball positioning and kick through the horizontal axis of the ball where it is thickest, we recommend the RB Wolf-Kicking Tee.

Rugby Bricks Wolf Kicking Tee from
Rugby Bricks Wolf Kicking Tee – £22 at

Thanks to its unique design, a set of two teeth to the front and back of the tee allows you to tilt the ball at your desired angle whilst the ball is kept firmly in place.

Rugby Bricks Wolf Plus Kicking Tee ( H:72 mm, W:136 mm)

Similar in design, but sporting a taller profile, the RB Wolf Plus Kicking Tee is the ideal pairing for the taller goal kicker with longer levers.

Thanks to a broad base, the Wolf Plus provides a greater surface area to plant the tee firmly onto the ground without fear of the ball toppling over.

Rugby Bricks Wolf Plus Kicking Tee from
Rugby Bricks Wolf Plus Kicking Tee – £22 at

Rugby Bricks 88 Kicking Tee (H:88 mm, W:154 mm)

A unique Kicking Tee and one that you’ll likely not have seen players use in the past – the RB 88 Kicking Tee.

In terms of stability, this Kicking Tee will hold the ball in your desired position perfectly and allows you to manipulate your ball positioning to suit your personal preference.

Though unconventional in design, the RB 88 does a fantastic job at setting you up for the perfect place kick every time.

Rugby Bricks 88 Kicking Tee from
Rugby Bricks Bricks 88 Kicking Tee – NOW £16 (Was £21.99) at

Mid-Kicking Tee (Height: 92 mm, Width 154mm)

Arguably the most commonly used tee due to its appeal toward both high and low-cut kickers, the Mid-Kicking Tee is flexible for any kicking style, making it the perfect pairing for beginners looking to refine their skill set.

Perfect for executing kicks at angles between 25-75 degrees, the mounting head of the tee is the ideal height for kickers who like to switch up how they choose to hit the ball.

Rugby Bricks Mid Kicking Tee from

High-Kicking Tee (Height: 112mm, Width:154mm)

For the more experienced long-distance kicker with a taller stature, High Kicking Tees provide players with the most ground clearance of the bunch.

Taller in size, it’s easier to miss the ball and strike more of the tee than the actual ball, so be sure to bring your A-game!

The Best High-Kicking Tee in the Game

Rugby Bricks Vortex Kicking Tee (H: 112mm, W:154mm)

Our personal favourite and one that is widely used by players at the professional level – the RB Vortex Kicking Tee.

Available in three different heights of Low-Cut, Mid-Cut and High-Cut, selecting the right Vortex Tee for you is a matter of preference.

We can’t get enough of the Mid-Cut version as it provides a perfect balance between the High and Low-cut versions, however if you have longer levers you may want to select the High Cut as it allows you to plant the tee a little bit wider.

Rugby Bricks Vortex High Kicking Tee from
Rugby Bricks Vortex High Kicking Tee – £22 at

The spiral effect of this particular tee allows you to hold the ball firmly in place no matter your preference of angle.

We recommend a 45-degree angle as a great place to start as it offers the perfect balance between the length and height of the ball, however if you’re a place-kicker who likes to get really underneath the ball you can alter it to an angle of your liking with ease.

The best part? The Vortex Tee effectively allow you to place the ball to your preferred position thanks to its unique thermoplastic construction and spiral-shaped design.

Where’s best to buy Kicking Tees?

Without a doubt, there are plenty of Kicking Tees in the range to allow you to match your playing style, but undeniably each Rugby Bricks Kicking Tee will support the ball consistently.

You can purchase the game-changing Rugby Bricks Kicking Tees from Lovell Rugby today from as little as £16.

Let us know in the comments your preferred place-kick positioning. We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, stay in the loop with the latest Rugby News, Boot Launches and Guides here at The Full 80.

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