Wallabies Unveil Their New Kooga Rugby Shirt

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After over 10 years with Canterbury the Wallabies have announced they will switch to Kooga.

This jersey is the first to be produced under a four-year deal that will continue until the end of 2013 between Australian Rugby Union and KooGa.

The deal has been signed by Kooga Australia. So far only the Authentic players shirt, Players Polo and Players shorts are going to be released in the UK.

Technologically advanced – with materials including carbon fibre and hydrosteel used in the manufacturing process. Meaning Essentially all-gold, the new Qantas Wallabies jersey has been labelled “virtually indestructible” while also possessing qualities that will significantly enhance a player’s comfort levels.

“The unstinting efforts and enthusiasm of KooGa have been keys to ensuring the Qantas Wallabies have a playing kit for 2010 that we are all delighted and proud to reveal,” said ARU Managing Director and CEO John O’Neill.

“The new jersey is back to that solid, old gold look just like the first replica I wore as a little kid supporting the team in the early ’90s,” enthused jersey model Berrick Barnes.

“It’s good to have the traditional look to it. There’s nothing better than switching on to Wimbledon on TV and watching fans supporting Aussies in their Wallaby jerseys.”

The shirt will be first worn in an international program opening with a Test against Fiji in Canberra, followed by a two-Test series against England and a Brisbane showdown with Ireland.

The range will be here in Mid June and will be available to pre order at the start of April.

Here at Lovell Rugby we love the shirt. The bright Gold used is clean and simple and sure to be a winner.

As ever we love to hear your feedback, whats your thoughts?

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5 Responses to Wallabies Unveil Their New Kooga Rugby Shirt

  1. Dominic Skinner says:

    I think the shirt looks great and the materials used sound really cutting edge. Its a pity Kooga Australia is so much more progressive than Kooga UK in terms of design and materials.

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Domminic,

    Think your right with your thoughts on the materials. We have the sample in the office and is really nice. Even though its a match shirt the material is really quality and apart from the fit that is rare with match shirts.


  3. Ywain Shakespeare says:

    Will you guys be getting the test in? the Brumbies jersey look awesome to – not a massive fan of Kooga over the Years BUT this jersey may change my mind?!

  4. Colly says:

    I like it!
    To be honest, it’s all about value for money for the fans right now and sometimes the behind the scenes deals are better for the union/club involved. I’ve not been a fan of Kooga but I like it, I’d wear it!

  5. Ben says:

    Hi Ywain,

    Thanks for the post. Agreed is really nice shirt. Is quite simple and bold but more like the old Wallaby shirts.

    Brumbies and new reds will be with us in Mid April hopefully! when have a confirmed delivery date will be ready for pre order.


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