Shane Williams to wear rugby boots featuring fans messages in final game

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Tomorrow sees one of Wales’ greatest ever players hang up his International boots! Shane Williams has dominated the number 11 spot in the Welsh squad for the last 11 years, won IRB player of the Year in 2008 and is currently Wales all time leading try scorer with 57 to his name. He will be sadly missed by all those who have grown to love his sideways stepping and lighting quick runs in the red shirt.

As a little thank you, Puma ran a competition on Shane’s Twitter site to customise his boots with farewell messages from fans. He had a great response with most being heartfelt and grateful for his years of entertaining on the pitch. Some were a bit crazy!

Shane will continue to be part of our Puma family whilst playing domestically at Ospreys and also for the foreseeable future with coaching and as a brand ambassador of Puma. Catch his last game (and the boots) against Australia tomorrow on the BBC from 2pm.

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  1. khairul yadiy says:

    Well i maybe not your biggest fan. maybe i am not your biggest follower in rugby. but the excuse that i have for all that is because i’m Asian, i live in Brunei Darussalam (Country next to Malaysia), where soccer is the main sport and i just learned and play rugby in 2007. Do you know for an asian guy its harder for us to want to be as good as you guys ( International Rugby Player). we idolize and dream to be like you guys but its hard for us cause in reality we are shorter in height and smaller in size. That’s where You (Mr Shane) come and become my hero. You have the same height as me.the same weight but obviously not the skills. You (Mr Shane) has become a hero of mine. You are the guidance that i need to remember and try to be. The first time i was at Millennium Stadium Gift shops the very first thing that i bought was your DVD. I fell in love with the ways you play rugby, the way you move on the field and the way you care about your family. i am quite sad that you’re going to hang up your International boots cause there’ll be no one that can set a good example as you do. You are truly an inspiration, to many people you are their Motivation and for all of us, You are the Legend.

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