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With the 2013 shirt less than 24 hours away from being released, we thought we would have a look back at the shirts worn on the last four tours. The release of the shirt is now all part of the build-up to the tour and creates plenty of interest and discussion amongst you, the fans.

The Lions have been wearing a red kit since the 1950 tour of New Zealand when they had to change from the old dark blue shirt to prevent a colour clash with the All Blacks. The last four shirts have all had a similar look but each slightly altered to give them a unique look. Each has been made by Adidas so their trademark 3 stripes have featured on the shirts. For each tour there has been a different main sponsor.

South Africa 1997

British and Irish Lions Rugby Shirts available at Lovell Rugby

This is the last shirt that a Lions team won a series in so maybe it has a lucky design. It is the last shirt to feature a fold over collar, which also had the badge embroidered into it on the right hand side. The Scottish Provident logo ran across the sternum of the shirt and did not take anything away from its overall look.

Australia 2001

British and Irish Lions Rugby Shirts available at Lovell Rugby

Three¬†of the last four shirts have had the Adidas three stripes running down the arm however on this shirt there were bands on either arm. The shirt had a white collar that couldn’t be folded so it appeared more modern. The multicoloured NTL logo on the front slightly ruined what was a very nice shirt.

New Zealand 2005

British and Irish Lions Rugby Shirts available at Lovell Rugby

This may have been the tour and series to forget but the shirt was pretty impressive. With technology improving, the shirt was much more advanced than previous models in its design and the material used to make it. After comparing this shirt to the one worn in 2001, we think a plain white sponsor looks much better.

South Africa 2009

British and Irish Lions Rugby Shirts available at Lovell Rugby

This shirt stands out to us as it is the only one out of the four that we have looked at not to feature a white collar. Once again the Adidas three stripes ran from the neck and down the arms. The sponsor logo was printed just below the collar so slightly higher to where it was on the previous shirts.

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