New England 7s 2013/14 Rugby Shirts Unveiled

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When Canterbury took over the design responsibilities for the England rugby kits, their first release was met with mixed reactions, although in all honesty it is difficult to move away from the iconic white tone which is a rich part of English rugby heritage. Clearly though the Canterbury designers were saving all their ideas for their 7s rugby shirts as they have truly come up with some ingenious, if not slightly controversial, looks for their latest releases.

The fast-paced action of the Sevens game demands a rugby shirt which can keep up with the game and Canterbury have certainly created a look which will both stand out on the rugby field as well as divide opinions wherever it is worn.

After previewing the latest design on our Lovell Rugby Facebook page last week, there was certainly some strong views and comments so we decided to give you a more close up view of what England will be pulling on during the Sevens World Series.

Rather than going into elaborate detail about the designs of the new home and alternate England Sevens Rugby Shirts, we will let the images speak for themselves so you can can make up your own mind.

England 2013/14 Home 7s Pro Rugby Shirt


England 2013/14 Alternate 7s Pro Rugby Shirt

You can now pre-order the England 7s Home and England 7s Alternate Rugby Shirts from Lovell Rugby – the world’s largest online rugby store.

Let us know what you think of Canterbury’s efforts by adding your comments below or joining the debate at our Lovell Rugby Facebook page.

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4 Responses to New England 7s 2013/14 Rugby Shirts Unveiled

  1. trevor grant says:

    Definitely a step too far.Don’t forget rugby has tradition such as hoops and not stripes, the Haka etc. These designs are just there to shock…….and they are SHOCKING! They look like they have been knitted by my Grandmother…….

  2. Thomas Bache says:

    they are certainly interesting from a design stand-point, but personally I say thee nay!!!!!!!!

  3. Gary Parmenter says:

    Looks like it was a creative idea by Gareth Thomas (he thought it would look good in bars and go with his Christian Louboutin boots..) with a design template from Damian Hirst and Grayson Perry. Please tell me this is for the Womans team…if not – god only help the poor sods when they get laughed at like a load of bad cross-dressers….

  4. Karl Newton says:


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