Marango Professional Performance Lineout Support

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For any player looking to take their game to all new heights, then the revolutionary new design of the Marango Professional Performance Lineout Support is designed to lift your play.

Developed with professionals but created for all levels and abilities, the one size fits all design uses the best features to provide an ultimate performance.

Created from 90% rubber and 10% nylon, the super micro velcro panel means that the support is easy to apply, remove and adjust whilst the M-Grip pattern enhances grip in all weather conditions.


Once pulled on and the micro porus foam slip ledge prevents the support from slipping which not only aids the lift from your team-mates but means a safer passage of play. 

With no need for costly tape during training or matches, this Marango Professional Performance Lineout Support is ready to tackle the rugby field from the moment you pull it on.

Kit yourself out for the new rugby season and pick up your own Marango Professional Performance Lineout Support from Lovell Rugby – the world’s largest online rugby store.

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