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After more than a decade with Cotton Traders, the Leicester Tigers have followed the RFU in putting Canterbury in charge of designing and making their new rugby kit. With such a great history in both domestic and european competition, the club require a strip that will stand out on the field and in the stands. The new design certainly does that!

The new attire is similar to the present squad; young and exciting. With Manu Tualagi and George Ford both now in the first team set-up and the likes of Ben Youngs, Toby Flood and Tom Croft still all in the mix as well, the squad have the potential to be around for a long time just like we want the new shirt to be.

For so long the Tigers shirt has been quite a plain design with straight edged horizontal green, red and white stripes running across the shirt however Canterbury have given it a true tiger identity. The ‘tigerstripe’ camlouflage pattern was originally used in darker colours during jungle warfare by US Forces and CCC have done their own adaption on it to make Leicester a force to be reckoned with on the field. The coloured stripes are like brush-strokes which interlock rather than overlap one another.

Leicester Tigers Home 2012/13 Rugby Shirts at Lovell Rugby

The upper torso of the players shirt is made from 100% polyester textured yarn whilst the shoulders and lower torso is 88/12 mixture of polyester and lycra. The technical upper torso fabric delivers excellent moisture management with the benefit of a traditional feel. This shirt has the ‘skin tight’ effect making it harder for opposition players to scrag tackle the wearer. The neck design may look simple however it is designed to provide exceptional fit, comfort and integral strength.

Leicester Tigers Home 2012/13 Rugby Shirts at Lovell Rugby

The evergreen rugby shorts have a poly/elastane crotch gusset designed to offer superior comfort and maximum manoeuvrability. They also have a non-slip elasticated waist and internal fob pocket ideal for storing your gumshield and on-field supplies.

Leicester Tigers Home 2012/13 Rugby Shirts at Lovell Rugby

Only the feet of the socks are cotton as Canterbury have put a modern twist to the traditional rugby sock. The fronts of the new hybrid socks are made from the same material as the upper torso of the shirt whilst the backs are ventilated. By wearing tight/compression like socks, it helps to accelerate blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the active muscles.

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