Lovell Rugby Reviews the new Adidas Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots

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The Adidas Flanker used to be predominately worn by back row players however over recent seasons, continued improvements to the R15 (originally the 915), Predator and RS7 have caused the Flanker to make its way to the feet of the front five forwards. Adidas have now re-released the boot but given it a new name, Kakari.

When boots are re-released, wearers expect improvements and this is definitely something that this boot has. Some of the key features of the boot include it being lighter than its predecessor, a new Bravo synthetic leather upper and improved fit thanks to synthetic print on the heel linings. The boot can also help to improve scrummaging and all round power and the park.

Taking guidance from their professional sponsored players, Adidas have created a boot 10% lighter than the Flanker without compromising quality or performance.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots as worn by Cian Healy at Lovell Rugby

The Adidas Kakari introduces an all new Bravo synthetic leather which has the feel of a soft K-leather but is far stronger to deliver a specific forward play boot.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots White/Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

In addition, the synthetic Bravo leather helps prevent boot deformation and stretching, resulting in the shape being retained for longer whilst also moulding quickly to your feet.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots as worn by the All Blacks at Lovell Rugby

For increased comfort, Adidas have added Synthetic Print on the heel lining as an aid to prevent heel slippage and make the boot easier to break-in.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots White/Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

The Kakari also utilises a 5mm heel wedge to deliver optimal performance, reduce stress on the lower body and put the foot in a more dynamic position.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots as worn by the Adam Jones and Alun Wyn-Jones at Lovell Rugby

With an eight stud configuration, six studs at the forefoot and two on the heel, the screw-in studs generate excellent grip on soft natural surfaces and can also be interchanged for various stud lengths depending on conditions.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots White/Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

The boot is available in a tradition black/red colourway or a more catching white/black/red. On both boots, the red is striped around the heel to give it a more striking look.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots as worn by the All Blacks at Lovell Rugby

Compatible with the Adidas miCoach chip which fits discreetly beneath the inner sole, not included with this boot but available to purchase separately, your boots now have the ability to report back on all your progress in training and match environments. Time, speed, distance, speed zones and number of sprints are all recorded and can be monitored by simply connecting the miCoach chip to your PC or iPhone. There’s nowhere to hide now as your every move is monitored.

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots White/Black/Red at Lovell Rugby

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53 Responses to Lovell Rugby Reviews the new Adidas Adipower Kakari Wide Fit SG Rugby Boots

  1. Luke says:

    would these boots be good for a loose forward or would it be better to choose a lighter boot with less traction? e.g. the adidas R15 2

  2. James Cunliffe says:

    Will be purchasing a pair for the new season but would prefer them if they had a fold down tongue like on the original flanker boot…

  3. Ollie says:

    After looking around, I’ve seen these boots (normally about £90) and another pair called the “Adidas adipower Regulate Kakari” (at about £65). The boots look virtually the same, but what are the differences between the two (other than price) ?


    • Jack says:

      Hi Ollie
      The Regulate Kakari is the takedown boot so is not made from a synthetic leather and the ankle support slightly weaker.
      Lovell Rugby

  4. Cassius says:

    Would these boots be good foor an inside center? I’m quite a tall, big IC, but also quite fast

    • Jack says:

      Hi Cassius
      The Adidas Kakari boots are designed for front 5 forwards. The Adidas RS7 II or Adidas Predator Incurza boots would be more suitable for your position.
      Lovell Rugby

  5. junior says:

    im right from Fiji n just want to know how much does this boot(the adidas kakari)cost.

  6. jordan says:

    i play in the front row and have a pretty wide foot, i have never found a pair of boots that are comfortable because of the width of my foot would these be a good choice for next season?

  7. mitch scudamore says:

    I’m torn between the Kakari vs the RS7 pro 2, as a back which do you recommend? Which
    Has recived better in game reviews?


  8. Craig Snelling says:

    I’m a size 10 do Adidas wide fit boots come up bigger , would I need a 9.5 ????

    Thanks Craig

  9. Will says:

    I’m a second rower and quite tall, But I have a skinny foot, would it be right getting the Kakari’s? Are they more for wider feet? If they are, which boot do you recommend for a No.4?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Will
      The boots are designed for front five forwards. They are a widding fitting boot however can be tightened quite significantly so they should be ok for you.
      Lovell Rugby

  10. Amir says:

    Hi. I play in the backrow. I am 100kg, 6 ft and run 100 meters in 11 seconds. I have wide feet. I currently use the adidas flanker boots but i find them a bit on the heavy side. What boot do you recommend for soft ground and what would you recommend for hard ground that are light, wide, and suitable for backrow?

    Thank you

    • Jack says:

      Hi Amir
      We would suggest the Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots. These are available in both an FG and SG sole plate.
      Lovell Rugby

  11. jack says:

    i’m a winger but not that fast. i have always been told i have a very wide foot would this boot be suitable?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Jack
      The Kakari Rugby Boots are too heavy for a winger. We would suggest looking at a pair of boots from the Mizuno or Asics ranges.
      Lovell Rugby

  12. Liam says:

    How long are the studs on these boots and how much do they weigh?

  13. cameron says:

    i am a flanker im 5 11″ quite a big build with wide feet and i am a fast sprinter would these boots be suitable for me?

  14. Sam says:

    Are the any difference between the adipower and regulate levels of theses boots?

  15. marieke says:

    Hy there,
    My question is about the size. I now have the adidas Rugby Boots – Predator RX XTRX Soft Ground.
    I play loose prop.
    The size of the predators is 41 1/3, My normal size is 41. These shoes ar to small en not ling enough. So i need new one. A lot of people tell me to take a size bigger.

    Do I also have to take a size bigger than i normaly have wiht these shoes?

    thanks so much.

  16. Trevor says:

    Just wondering would these boots be good for a flanker playing junior rugby? Im tied between these and the original adidas flanker boots with the tongue.

  17. Ryan says:

    The original flanker gave me a lot of trouble with wearing down right where the ball of my foot sat in the boot, I’ve almost worn it down to nothing only having them for a year. Would the kakari help or have the same problem?

  18. James says:

    Hi, I’m a fast flanker in England and wondered if these or the adipower predators – the old football ones (I can get my hands on a pair) would be better?

  19. Rhys Jones says:

    Hi, would like to find out what size needed in new addidas kakari boots if i currently wear Asics Hybrid size US9. I have to go up size as my foot is wide, so not sure if i may need smaller size if the kakaris are quite wide?

    I play in position 1 or 3 and would like good traction boots.

    Regards. Rhys. (Australia)

  20. Angus says:

    I play number 5 in the scrum and I’m not sure weather to buy the adipower kakari boots or the ff80 boots for the extra stud for scrummaging?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Angus
      The adidas Kakari boots are specifically designed for front 5 forwards so would be ideal for you.
      Lovell Rugby

  21. emre says:

    What difference do the. Adipower boots do to your play compered to the relegate boots do to your Play

    • Jack says:

      Hi Emre
      The two main differences between the boots are the materials that the uppers are made from and the sole plates.
      Lovell Rugby

  22. Shane Orr says:

    If I need to replace the studs what size are the front and back studs and can any aluminum studs replace them

  23. Dave says:

    Im a 10 but cant get any kicking boots in my size (14) would these be suitable for kicking or do you know is it possible to get preds in 14?

  24. Calls me Pa says:

    My son is starting as the rake this year and want to get him new boots. But it seems few boots have a hard toe anymore, even these made for the tight five. Are there inserts or just more broken toes?

  25. Toby says:

    Hi I’m a number eight for my school and an inside centre for club, I was wondering what kind of boot to get and if this one would be suitable for when I play at club as well. Also sevens season is coming up so it can’t be too heavy. Finally I’m a size 12-13 so they can’t be too small.

  26. Charl Barnard says:

    Hi there, I bought a pair of Kakari boots for my son who plays prop at school level and the season wasn’t even close to it’s end and these boots started to fall apart. I found it to be total rubbish and a waste of money. I can send pictures to whomever is interested.

  27. Andy O says:

    Im looking for a boot for a back row player. I play across the back row, but primarily at 6. Which boots would be most suitable? I like Adidas, but I am not fussed with the R15. What other options do I have?

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