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If you look up ‘headguard’ in the dictionary, you will find a statement along the lines of ‘a padded helmet/hat that is worn to protect the head in contact sports such as rugby’. However, the Canterbury Ventilator Rugby Headguard offers a lot more than just head protection. The Ventilator Headguard is a commonly worn piece of player protection in both the amateur and professional forms of the game making it the most popular headguard in the Canterbury range.


The design of the headguard allows for greater ventilation of heat away from the head (hence the name) therefore reducing your body temperature and helping you to maximise your performance on the field. The aero-matrix patterning has been specially designed to make it more flexible so that it forms more naturally around the head therefore offering greater protection. The front of the headguard is intended to only cover the forehead so that it does not interfere with your vision during your game. There are indents on either side to facilitate your ears along with extra holes so that you can hear your team mates shouting at you.

The Canterbury Ventilator Rugby Head Guard in Yellow at Lovell Rugby

The Canterbury Ventilator Rugby Head Guard - The most popular headguard in the Canterbury range!

Fit and Comfort

The superior ultra-lightweight closed cell foam also aids the way the headguard fits and improves breathing whilst wearing it. Other features of the headguard include the laces at the reverse allowing you to adjust how tight it is so that it feels comfortable on your head. Another comfort feature is the soft chinstrap which prevents irritation. The material on the inside has been given anti-microbial treatment which helps to keep the headguard clean.

Victor Matfield, Canterbury Ventilator Headguard

(Above) South African Second Row Victor Matfield in a custom green and gold Canterbury Ventilator Headguard

Size and Colour

Canterbury offer the headguard in both childrens and adult sizes so there is sure to be one that fits you. There is also a wide range of colours available including black, blue and red so you can be sure to find one that suits your playing kit.

Click here to view the entire Canterbury Canterbury Ventilator Headguard range >>

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6 Responses to Lovell Rugby Reviews – The Canterbury Ventilator Rugby Headguard

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Hi, i am going to buy a Canterbury Headguard in , i would like to know if there´s any hi vision Canterbury Headguard, like Hi-fi Yellow or something on that way.
    If you do, please, would you mind to send me some photos?
    Really thank you.
    All my bests.


    • Jack says:

      Hi Gonzalo
      There is not a flourecent coloured headguard however there is the Liqourice Allsorts Canterbury Ventilator which is brightly coloured.
      Lovell Rugby

  2. Josh says:

    Is it still possible to get hold of the ventilator in navy blue?? Not a fan of the new colours.

  3. Matt says:

    My head measures 62cm in circumference, around 24,5 inches. Will a size XL Ventilator fit my head? If not, what headguard as ventilated as possible would you recommend for me? Thanks

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