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After the success of the R15 I, Adidas have now released the second version of the rugby boot, the R15 II.  The R15 was initially designed for players between 9 and 15 but has slowly been adopted by the second row and back row forwards as well as some front 3 players. In todays modern game these players are expected to be more mobile and the lightweight R15′s are ideal for players who have to get around the park. The likes of Sam Warburton (Cardiff Blues and Wales), Ross Ford (Edinburgh and Scotland) and James Haskell (Ricoh Black Rams and England) have all worn the boots in the past with the first two already being spotted in the new rugby boot in recent weeks.

The main change on the R15 II rugby boots is that there in no tongue to cover the laces bringing it more inline with other new Adidas boots.  This gives the boot a more modern look (similar to the adiPure Football Boot) and also reduces the weight. The lead colourway for the boot is Black/Blue and it will also be available in White/Blue – this has been the more popular colour among professional players who have already made the switch.

Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

The Taurus leather upper gives the boot a natural look as well as being lightweight allowing wearers to not feel ‘weighed down’ when wearing the boots. The leather also has waterproof features and high abrasion meaning the boots will last you longer and be better value for money. This is the same leather that has been used on the Predator RX Rugby Boots. The leather has been cemented to help prevent shoe deformation and stretching. This allows for the boots to better mould to your feet and offer a more comfortable fit. The fit is also enhanced by the additional lace loop that has been added to the boot.

Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

There is also a new light weight outsole which is stronger than the previous model. This also decreases the weight of the boot at the same time as offering a more durable product. In addition a new stud has been added to decrease the weight of the boot by 46 Grams. The insole has also been revamped to offer additional comfort and cushioning.

The lining of the heel has ’3D Puff Print’ which is a synthetic print designed to help prevent slippage whilst wearing the boots. This is essential for forwards when scrummaging as they need all the power that they can get and having a solid boot below them allows for maximum power to be exerted.

Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots at Lovell Rugby

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What do you think of the new Adidas R15 II Rugby Boots?

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6 Responses to Lovell Rugby Reviews The Adidas R15 II SG Rugby Boots

  1. Talin says:


    I have a history of leg injuries so like to play in a boot with a heel gradient.
    Do the R15s have a heel wedge like the Kakari boot?
    If not could you suggest an alternative for a back row player?


  2. tom says:

    hi, I was wondering if you would recommend the Kakari’s over the r15′s?
    I play flanker and im not sure which ones to get

  3. Mark Pearse says:


    I want to get a pair of R15 II’s – Some website’s suggest buying a size bigger than normal, could you advise?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Harry says:

    Hi, I am only 13 and like to play second row or flanker but I mostly get put in prop as no one likes the position in my team. I am not the beefy sorta kid and have size 12 feet. Would these R15 II’s be good for a prop and help me in the scrums more? I need cheap boots aswell, so if you could recomend any I would be more than happy to get any other options. :)

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