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After being on pitch since the Rugby World Cup, Adidas have now made their two new headguards available for retail. With a number of high profile players wearing it during the competition, it was always going to catch the eye of fans.

After the success their previous headguards, Adidas have decided to freshen up the design and give it a more modern look. Previously, there has been primary colour used with a different coloured stitching or piping. The new headguard is available in two different colourways; Black/White/Red and White/Black/Red. These new colourways were both on show during the Rugby World Cup with Rory Best (Ireland) wearing the White/Black/Red and James Haskell (England) wearing the Black/White/Red. Wales utility back Leigh Halfpenny also wore the new headguard. Toulons Matt Giteau has been spotted in the White/Black/Red headguard during Top 14 matches.

Adidas Pro Rugby Headguard II White/Black/Red as worn by Matt Giteau at Lovell Rugby

The headguard is made from Brock foam which allows for perfect air circulation meaning the heat radiated from your head whilst playing can disperse quickly. This helps to keep your body temperature down which should help improve your game. The Brock foam also helps to dampen the shock of hits to the head during a game whether it from being tackled, tackling an opponent or hitting a ruck.

Adidas Pro Rugby Headguard II White/Black/Red as worn by Rory Best at Lovell Rugby

The weight has also been reduced compared to previous headguards. This make it more comfortable to wear as it does not feel as though the head is being weighed down. The comfort and fit can also be improved by the adjustable fixation tie on the back of headguard.

There is also an adjustable chin strap which can be tightened and loosened depending on the wearer preference.

Adidas Pro Rugby Headguard II Black/White/Red as worn by Leigh Halfpenny at Lovell Rugby

Headguards were originally worn by forwards to prevent cauliflower ear but are now seen on all players on a rugby pitch. There are now many more reasons to wear one as the game has become much more physical. Adidas have acted on this and have developed this new design which improves the overall protection to the head. The headguard comes with a guide which shows how the headguard should be worn for optimal protection.


What do you think of the the new Adidas Rugby Headguard range? Which colourway do you prefer?

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5 Responses to Lovell Rugby Reviews The Adidas Pro Rugby Headguard II

  1. Stuart says:

    looks good, i spotted a couple of Argentinian players wear custom blue-white-yellow versions (Fessia, Senatore)
    do you know if adidas make customs for the public or are they only available for contracted player?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Stuart
      There are a few custom versions currently being worn by some professionals. These have only been made available for Adidas sponsored players.
      Lovell Rugby

  2. Marcus Ó Buachalla says:

    Also interesting to see that adidas look like they have signed Leinster and Ireland Sean O’Brien…he’s wearing the new R15s and the head gear for Leinster at the weekend and during training today in UL. Even though adidas are a parent company of Reebok, that is Thierry Henry, Iker Casillas and Sean O’Brien lost in the last 6 months for Reebok…brand on the way out…only Ryan Giggs left…enough said!!
    ZeroDashOne, Dublin

  3. Luke says:

    do these headguards have better ventilation than that of the canterbury honeycomb headguard seen here :,9,412&DEPTTYPE=Head%20Guards&BRAND=0&SS=1

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