Lovell Rugby Reviews the Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots

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Adidas have used the start of this seasons Heineken Cup to introduce all three of their new boots. There is one, however, that is standing out on the field due to its striking and eye catching colourway.

The RS7 was initially launched off the back of the success of the adiZero football boot. It was the first Adidas rugby specific boot which was leightweight which meant it allowed players to maximise their speed. Since the original Radient Red and Intense Green colourways, Adidas used the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand to promote the Orange/Blue and White/Red colourways. All four of these boots were part of the RS7 I range.

The new Prime Blue and Electricity RS7 II is a modified version of the boot and is offering extra features that the first incarnation did not have. Charlie Sharples of Gloucester along with Scarlets pair Sean Lamont and George North have all been seen wearing the new boot in recent weeks.

Gloucester Winger Charlie Sharples in the new Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

Scarletss Sean Lamont in the new Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

Scarletss George North in the new Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

The RS7 has a ’Sprint Skin Upper’ which is stronger than other synthetics making the boot lighter, softer and more durable. The ‘Sprint Skin’ has been reinforced making it stronger than its football counterpart. Adidas have used a sprint frame for the RS7 Pro boot which is actually 50% lighter than all other regular TPU outsoles.

Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

The heel of the boot has a ’3D Puff Print’ on the inner lining of the heel to help prevent slippage. This is ideal for players looking for instant acceleration from a standing start. This also makes the boot easy to break in so that you can get a good feel for the boots from the first wear.

Permanent midfoot support gives greater stabilty and also helps to prevent injury through its lightweight hollow core construction. The striking zone of the boot features a synthetic print to help improve control when striking the ball, especially in wet conditions.

On the base of the boot is a mixed sole plate using the rounded aluminium screw-in studs and moulded studs. This has been added for maximum traxion without increasing the weight of the boot. The mixture of studs means that the boots are suitable for all weather and pitch conditions.

Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity


Adidas have also installed the miCoach technology in to the boot which give you the opportunity to measures time, distance, speed, speed zones and number of sprints during training or a match. This can then be downloaded on to a PC or iPhone application to be analysed by coaches or between team mates. The miCoach speedpod sensors are not included with the boots however can be purchased separately through ourselves.

Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

Click here to pre-order the Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro SG Rugby Boots Prime Blue and Electricity

What do you think of the new colour way? Have you used the miCoach technology?

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54 Responses to Lovell Rugby Reviews the Adidas adiZero RS7 II Pro Rugby Boots

  1. Matt Clewer says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I always look here for the new boot news, it’s about time we rugby players had some variety. Just out of interest, what is the third boot? I think I’ve seen some of the back row forwards like Alun Wyn Jones wearing them, will you be doing their review next?

  2. james bromley says:

    hi i really want to get these boots but can i but larger studs in them like normal rugby studs as i play flanker sometimes and our pitch is really claggy its okay to have little studs when i play as a back but not a forward

  3. Patrick Harrison says:

    Hi there, i am a back but i am not a fan of all the fancy colours, will they be doing any other simple colours like black or dark blue? also… are there any other boots that will have the miCOACH inserted?

    Thank you so much for your time

  4. John Culhane says:

    Hi I was just wondering if the new RS7′s will be coming out in any different colours and how soon exactly? Thanks.

  5. Petrus says:

    Helo Lovell Rugby

    Just want to ask do you deliver in South-Africa.


  6. Mohd Nor Azmin b Abd aziz says:

    Do you sell this boot with mi-coach stuff?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Mohd
      We do sell the miCoach sensors separate however we are currently out of stock but should be getting more in soon.
      Lovell Rugby

  7. Gerard says:

    I was wondering if you sell the studs for the RS7′s??


  8. Daniel says:

    When will you be getting the green and red rs7s back in size 7-8 I’ve been waiting a while on them as my son is desperate for a pair.

  9. craig says:

    Hi great review was wondering if there will be a new version coming out soon ? Cheers

  10. ben says:

    will there be new adizero rs7 boots in september this year?

  11. Ahmad Kamal says:

    Are the adizero RS7 boots suitable for relatively wide feet?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Ahmad
      The RS7s are not suitable for wide feet. We would suggest the Adidas Predators for wider fitting feet.
      Lovell Rugby

  12. Adam says:

    was just wondering if both the adidas adizero RS7 Pro II XTRX SG and the adidas RS7 TRX SG have compatible studs?

  13. Leandra says:

    Hallo, I want to know where can I buy the adidas RS 7 SG Pro rugby studs?

  14. Jeremy says:


    In one of the pictures it looked like there were nylon studs instead of the aluminum. Where can you buy those?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Jeremy
      These boots are only available in SG. Adidas have not made replacement nylon studs available for these boots.
      Lovell Rugby

  15. Brett Woods says:

    wil there be a pair coming out that is all blue with white stripes?

  16. Brett Woods says:

    will there ever be a way to customize colors for the RS7 boots?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Brett
      Adidas have not mentioned making the boots available in custom colourways.
      Lovell Rugby

  17. Matt says:


    Will there be new adidas rs7 pro II’s being released and if so when around?


  18. Luke says:

    would these boots be suitable for a loose forward on a average-quite soft pitch or does it lack the traction and ankle support required for the scrum ?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Luke
      The RS7 II boots are not really suitable for a loose forward as they do not offer as much protection as say the Adidas R15 II.
      Lovell Rugby

  19. will says:

    when are new sizes coming in as i need some for new season?

  20. Shelagh says:

    Hi Am I right in thinking that the white RS7 with red stripes has been discontinued? I am trying to find one in size 11 and a half. Also is there any other difference between the old and the new style boot or is it just the micoach compatibility?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Shelagh
      The white/red colourway has now been discontinued. The main changes with the RS7 II is that they are slightly lighter and have miCoach capabilities.
      Lovell Rugby

  21. Bill says:

    when will you have the adidas adizaero rs7 pro ii orange/cobalt in size UK 10 in stock?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Bill
      Unfortunately we are unable to get any more in stock as this is an old colourway which has now been discontinued by Adidas.
      Lovell Rugby

  22. ryan says:

    Hiaa, just wondering if you have any RF7 Pro first generation coming in,in size uk 10 or have discontinued that model.If so do you have any RF7 2′s coming on the way?

    • Jack says:

      Dear Ryan
      Unfortunately we are unable to get any more of the first generation colourways in stock as they have now been discontinued. We currently have the Lab Lime/Prime Blue colourway in stock. There is a new colourway due out in December.
      Lovell Rugby

  23. Calum says:

    Hi, do you know where replacement studs can be bought?

    • Jack says:

      Hi Calum
      We are currently sold out of the replacement stud packs however are expecting more in later this month.
      Lovell Rugby

  24. Daryl says:

    Dear lovellrugby,

    I’m trying buy the ADIDAS ADIZERO RS7 II cleats. But I think you guy’s ran out of stock. When are you guy’s getting in stock again.

  25. Mark Robinson says:


    I have just bought adidas RS7 TRX SG 3 for my son but can’t see how to take the nylon studs out to replace with metal. Am I missing something or can’t they be replaced?



  26. Dom says:

    Can the metal studs be replaced?

  27. Conor Hayes says:


    My favourite rs7s are the pro I and the blue and green colourway on the rs7 ii pro, are ye going to have these boots back in stock in a uk 12 or 12 and a half?

  28. Tom Davies says:

    Hi, what is the difference between the RS7 pro boot and the regular RS7 boot?


  29. Jacques says:

    I Bought some RS7 boots but found the nylon studs tend to damage quickly, is there something I can do to replace the studs cause it doesn’t look like it can screw out? But other than that I love the boots.

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