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What is fast becoming an annual tradition, you can officially start counting down the days to Christmas when Olorun release their latest festive rugby shirt offerings. This season is certainly no different as here at Lovell Rugby we unwrap our exclusive collection to help spread a little festive joy both on and off the field.

In keeping with tradition, there are plenty of unique designs on offer to help you share the Yuletide spirit. With Santa, reindeer, turkeys and just a few penguins to choose from, remember that these festive themed rugby shirts are for life and not just for Christmas.  


South Pole Peckers Rugby Shirt

P-p-p-pick up a penguin with this colourful and fun offering which depicts an array of cartoon penguins dressed up in various amusing disguises.

With a distinctly South Pole theme to this rugby shirt, there’s plenty of snow packed action across the whole top and the design will certainly prevent any winter blues wherever it is sported. Taking on a sublimated design, performance fabric makes for great wear that shouldn’t just be limited to the festive season.


Christmas Jumper Rugby Shirt

You can’t beat a good old Christmas jumper to spread the festive joy and the bolder the better.

Taking on a Christmasy red, white and green design, reindeer decorate the chest and sleeves to form part of the North Pole Super Rugby Series collection. Take pride in sporting your unique Christmas Jumper rugby shirt.


Thyme Bandits Rugby Shirt

Making you look like a right turkey but in a fun sense, just remember not to take it personally if someone tells you to get stuffed. With the rather aptly titled Gobbles lending their name as the sponsor, this Thyme Bandits rugby shirt will be a sporting centre piece to any rugby occasion.


Bad Santa Rugby Shirt

Bah humbug to anyone not entering into the Christmas spirit but you can still spread some dark festive joy with the black look designed to show off your naughty side.

With Bad Boy Toys added as the sponsor there’s certainly no need to worry about whether you have been good or bad throughout the year when it comes to sporting this Bad Santa rugby shirt.


Christmas Present Rugby Shirt

Wrap yourself up with another light-hearted festive offering created by those imaginative designers at Olorun. Complete with a decorative bow and just waiting to be unwrapped, there is even the small detail of a Merry Xmas postage stamp included on the chest.

Remember that this Christmas Present Rugby Shirt is for life and not just for Christmas.


The fun doesn’t stop here so check out our full collection of Olorun rugby shirts that are sure to spread a little festive joy wherever they are sported.

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4 Responses to Lovell Rugby Exclusive Christmas Collection

  1. podge says:


    Might be interested in one of your christmas themed rugby tops, how much and can you deleiver to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

    Thank you

  2. Podge McKeon says:

    Thanks for the reply, still cant see how much they are?

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