Lovell Rugby’s British and Irish Lions touring Squad to South Africa 2009

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Lovell Rugby’s British and Irish Lions touring Squad to South Africa 2009

With upcoming announcement of this years British and Irish Lions touring squad (announced next Thursday 23rd at 1pm GMT) we have been hard at work selecting a squad with form players and players with the potential to star on the tour. The key to our selections was choosing players also offering versatility which will be key on the hard uncompromising grounds in South Africa.

Let us know your thoughts and who you would pick.


Front Row:

Andrew Sheridan- England

Euan Murray- Scotland

John Hayes- Ireland

Julian White- England

Gethin Jenkins- Wales


Lee Mears- England

Jerry Flannery- Ireland

Dylan Hartley- England


Second Row:

Paul O’Connell- Ireland – Captain

Simon Shaw- England

Alun Wyn Jones- Wales

Nathan Hines- Scotland


Back Row:

Ryan Jones- Wales

Jamie Heaslip- Ireland

Martyn Williams- Wales

David Wallace- Ireland

Joe Worsley- England

James Haskell- England



Scrum Half:

Mike Phillips- Wales

Mike Blair- Scotland

Danny Care- England


Fly Half:

Ronan O’Gara- Ireland

Stephen Jones- Wales

Danny Cipriani- England



Brian O’driscoll- Ireland

Tom Shanklin- Wales

Jamie Roberts- Wales

Gavin Henson- Wales



Tommy Bowe- Ireland

Thom Evans- Scotland

Shane Willimas- Wales

Mark Cueto- England


Full Back:

Lee Byrne- Wales

Delon Armitage- England

Rob Kearney Ireland


Have your say!

This is just our selection, but what would yours be? Use the comment form to let us know!

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13 Responses to Lovell Rugby’s British and Irish Lions touring Squad to South Africa 2009

  1. dave says:

    I don’t think henson, white or shaw will make it
    Would have O’Callaghan, Flutey and Adam Jones in ahead of them

    Also Luke Fitzgerald poosibly instead of Tom Evans

  2. Gavin says:

    Some controversial decisions in the selections. I agree with Dave WRT Henson, White and Shaw. You could also put Hayes, Haskell, Worsley and Care in that group.

    Hayes – too old and younger more dynamic options.
    Haskell – has the potential but for every good thing he does he’ll do something stupid so at the moment he can’t be trusted.
    Worsley – a couple of good games in defence and suddenly he is in the Lions squad – I hope not. He is a negative option and if he goes the Lions will lose as they have the wrong mentality.
    Care – see Haskell above!

    I would love to see 1 gamble in the squad and mine would be Keith Earls of Munster. Lets see what he can do on the hard pitches of SA. Also in that mix is Ben Foden.

  3. J W says:

    mmm how do you spell Henson? and there is no chance he’ll go!!

  4. Ben says:

    Hi Gavin

    We feel here Lovell rugby that Hayes could be valauble squad memeber even if just in midweek capacity is great solid performer who had great six nations and is use to the winning feeling with Munster aswell.

    Henson is an outside bet, as although currently injured would have long enough to get himself fit, would offer dream midfiled with O’drsicoll if mentally is prepared with his strong running, distribution and impressive kicking game that could take pressure off who ever is picked at 10.

    With Julian White and Simon Shaw we feel to beat the Springboks on their own turf the Lions will need to pyshically match the South Africans and White is a great scrummager which will be vital.

    Have gone for Worsley as he was Englands form player and his ability to play all positions of backrow and destructive tackling could make him invaluable.

    Good shout with Keith Earls and Foden as both exciting players but all depends on how coaches view the mix of 36 players, i think care could be intersting as then have 3 different scrum halfs phillips power, Blair passing and Care running game.

    Thanks for your feedback Ben

  5. James Franco says:

    I don’t think Henson will recover, and he has shown no kind of form recently.
    Josh Lewsey could be a suprise entry, he can cover 11,13,14,15 and will be a good midweek performer, with lions experience.

    I dont think Cipriani will travel now, he hasnt delivered at all this season, and is barely making the Wasps squad.

    Ben Foden would be a good squad player, and the hard pitches would suit his speed and footwork.

    Andy Powell could be in as well, to counter the speed of Spies and Kankowski in the loose, but it would be a suprise.

    I agree with O’Connell as captain, he was excellent in the 6N and is leadin Munster in the HK, still not sure if O’Gara has the big match temperament, he makes a lot of mistakes.

    I would take Danny Care, and let him prove himself, but he is behind Phillips and Blair in the pecking order.

    Joe Worsley is not quick enough to cope with the SA side, I would take Croft, who can jump anywhere in the lineout and is lightning quick.

    Tight Five will win in South Africa, so they need to be rock solid, sheridan needs to show some agression in the loose, and Julian White can be destructive.

    Martin Williams is a shoe in, as is Shane Williams and O’Connell, but the rest all have to play themselves in to the side.

    Whatever the team, I am really looking forward to the Tour, and six weeks of rugby on the TV>

  6. Hywel Emrys says:

    I don’t think Ryan Jones should go. He has been VERY ineffective of late. His form and leadership qualities eveaporated this season. I would take Andy Powell of Cradiff Blues.
    Cipriani is another of your choices who shouldn’t go. He hasn’t done anything of merit this season.
    Blair of Scotland was awful in the 6 nations. No tour for him either.
    One omission .. and this may surprise many of you .. I believe that Leigh Halfpenny of Wales is a certainty. He can kick great distance place kicks … ideal for hard grounds in South Africa. He has strength, pace and his defence is sound. He will be THE star of the tour!

  7. Hywel Emrys says:

    In for a Halfpenny – in for a pound! If you don’t believe me .. get a video (dvd) of the EDF final !!! Sorry .. all you Gloucester fans!!

  8. Martyn says:

    Leigh Halfpenny is an absolute shoe in, fantastic season and sensational against Gloucester on saturday. Could be one of the stars of the tour if given chance.

    O’Driscoll has to be captain and I agree on taking Henson as a wildcard – if he hits form (and I accept that he hasn’t lately) he can change a game.

  9. Gavin says:

    Hi Ben,

    Surely ever player chosen to go on tour should be chosen with the thought that they will be pushing for a test place and if John Hayes is in the test team things won’t be good! (I’m Irish and I like ‘the Irish Bull’ but he isn’t going to win a test series for the Lions in SA!)

    I would love to see a fit Henson going to SA but he will be too much of a liability to take – it takes him 4 or 5 full games to get his fitness back and he simply won’t have that opportunity in SA!

    White is a great scrummager but again he isn’t exactly in the prime of his career. Taking him and Shaw would be like taking ‘Dads Army’ on tour!

    Fair point about Care – it’ll be a close one for the 3 scrum half roles.

    But who I am to say who will end up going – I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the final decisions are made and lets not forget injuries mean there will be additions and players who aren’t named tomorrow will still probably end up in the test team!

    I’ll be there for 7/10 games so lets hope for a great tour!

  10. Ben says:

    Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for your reply, Would also love to be in the meetings when discussing the final squad is done!

    Good point on the John Hayes selection! although by saying he would be good for midweek we did not mean to totally discedit him from Test selection.

    Agree with your point with Henson, think it is shared by most rugby watchers who can see past his doubters about his lifestyle etc… that he has all the talent.Would love for him to be involved from start a possible reserve slot in case of injuries may be on cards, let him get fitness back at Ospreys, under new coach Scott Johnson.

    Still feel Shaw will be good bet as not looking Long term just for tour and apparently was in great form against Bristol yesterday aswell as was Cipriani who could have timed it just right.

    Have great time While your there! lets hope for repeat of 97!


  11. Ben says:

    Hi Hywel/Martyn,

    Thanks for post, Caught Highlights of EDF game with Gloucester winning agaist Gloucester Halfpenny was in great form, and may well be on plane.

    Good shout with his kicking aswell, but problem is we feel you need a mix of variety with wingers and him and williams will be to similar size combined with a Shane Willimas and Tommy Bowe selection who would compliment eachother well, also still like the fact that Thom Evans pace and Cueto has big game expereince and also a sound left boot.

    Totally agree the Ryan Jones commennt here, has seemed to lack his usual impact compared to say the last Lions tour in New Zealand but hopefully he can rediscover as quality big match player and Seems opposition may have worked Powell out a little although could be great impact player.

    Cheers Ben

  12. Ray says:

    A number of players have been named there that i agree should defenitly go. I dont know why Cipriani haskell, shaw and cipriani and hartly white.are in the 36. None of these players are starting test players. Even at that some of them cant make it into the match 22 for the six nations. There good players but there is better potential there. The scotish hooker looks good. I mean hartlys good but why would ya bring a 2nd choice player like. Ciaprini isnt performing at all but in farness he had a good game last week. Henson and o driscoll i dont think see eye to eye because there has been some harsh words exchanged in the past. Simon shaw should be retiring. Haskell great player but not getting his game ahead of Croft. John hayes has just excelled in the last 2 years. adams jones or even marcus horn i feel would be better than the ageing julian white. In place of haskell i feel maybe stephen ferries or denis leamy would be an option.

    my 15

    Byrne,Bowe,O Driscoll,Shanklin,Williams,Jones,Blair.Sheridan,Flannery,Murry,O Callagan,O Connel,Jones,Williams, Heaslip.

    Wyn Jones
    D Wallace
    O Leary/Stringer/Philips there all playin well
    O Gara

    If phil vickey was fit he would be a benefit to any squad

    let me know wat ye tink.

  13. Ben says:

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the post, some very valid points raised there,On the issue of Henson and O’driscoll. Although i feel this is not something that would be taken into acount as there privately may be other players who dont get on, the only thing potentially stopping Henson is injury.

    On the issue of Simon Shaw we definately feel here he should be going and all the concern of age will be put to bed after a hugely impressive tour and hopefully and second row partnership with Lions Capttain Paul O’Connell.

    Good point with Scotland hooker Ross Ford who may well be on plane, but feel Julian White is best scrummager available which could be vital to give platform for Lions and unsettle World Champions pack.

    Thanks Ben

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