Introducing the new Speedform Apollo Running Shoes

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Under Armour have taken their running shoes another step forward with the release of the Speedform Apollo. They have re-designed the original Speedform to create a more supportive and streamlined running shoe. Funnily, the construction of the running shoe was inspired by spacesuits and a bra – think fit and feel. One of the unique features of the Speedform Apollo is that it provides an industry-first seamless 3D heel cup. This revolutionary detail makes the shoe feel like an extension of your own foot.

“We pushed industry boundaries to deliver breakthrough innovation in footwear that provides performance that runners need,” said Matt Mirchin, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing. “Because athletes are never satisfied and never willing to settle, Under Armour will stay at the forefront of technology and innovation to give them just a little bit of an edge to help them perform better.

The perforated breathable upper is largely free of seams, and the few that do exist are secured without stitches. This gives the running shoes a smooth and clean finish so wearing them without socks is no issue. For improved fit, Under Armour have included a strip of silicone inside of the collar of the shoes so that they grip to your ankles.

The shoe itself weighs slightly more than its predecessor but this is mainly due to the inclusion of the new support TPU curve, which helps with stability as well as the range of the shoe. One feature Under Armour have carried across from the previous model is the Micro G midsole.

The rubber sole is moulds around your toes similar to that of a Vibram shoe. This gives the shoe a natural barefoot running feel with a soft cushioned sole for high-impact runners. The external heel counter aids with lock down support whilst strategically placed abrasion rubber has been added in high wear areas for durability and traction.

Instead of lace and underwire though, it’s made of a lightweight composite material to achieve those varying degrees of pliability.

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