Harlequins unveil their new home rugby shirts

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Harlequins Unveil There New Home Shirt

Harlequins have unveiled their new Home shirt which will run for the next two seasons. The rugby shirt, which is again made by Kooga, features the London sky line gently sublimated into the front of the shirt. This is hotly awaited shirt will be the first time Quins have ever made signifificent changes to their iconic home colours and is sure to be a success.

The new home shirt is just the kind of positive news the club have been looking for after the Dean Richard’s ‘blood gate’ scandal.

Harlequins Unveil There New Home Shirt

Harlequins Unveil There New Home Shirt

The shirt modelled by Harlequins and England number 8 Nick Easter will also be available in a Liquid pro version for the first time, meaning you can have the same shirt as the players wear on the pitch. The shirt will also be available from Lovell Rugby in mens and junior in the traditional replica fit.

Kooga are slightly delayed with delivery of the shirts, so will be ready to pre-order from Lovell Rugby in the next few weeks with delivery expected in the first week of October.

What do you think of the new Harlequins rugby shirts?

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16 Responses to Harlequins unveil their new home rugby shirts

  1. Shirt looks really nice. Nice change to the traditional quarters on the shirt.Wonder if they will make a charity one again like last year, was really nice.

  2. Thomas B says:

    It just looks like it’s stained?

  3. pepelepew says:

    Not keen on that at all. Looks naff.

  4. Mike English says:

    I do not like the break from tradition. Will the old shirts still be available?

  5. Ben says:

    Hi Mike,

    No the old shirts will not be available. Kooga and Harlequins have seen the need for the Quins shirts to become more modern following clubs like Ospreys and Stade Francais looking for better replica sales. Feedback has been great so far from the supporters as it is a nice change as kit was getting boring.


  6. Josh says:

    Erm… is it just me that’s struggling to see much difference in the ‘iconic home colours’? What am I missing?

  7. Paul Parry says:

    The new “dirty looking” design might just be better at hiding bloodstains. You think?

  8. Daniel Reyes says:

    The jersey is beautiful, supports the tradition and the design of the quarters evidence affection for London … I hope that finally the replicas are done of cotton…is mas comfortably to dress them out of the field.
    I wanted to know if hey are going to have to the sale training and away kit.

  9. Ben says:

    Hi Dan,

    We will be stocking the Sale Sharks Home, Away and European shirts. They look really nice with the sharks fin on the shirt. Will have on the site in next few days for pre order, with delivery expected very soon.


  10. bedlam says:

    Will they hav special pockets sewed into them for extra blood packets?

  11. Rob says:

    Hello – wondered when you might have an image of the Bath European shirt. Thanks, rob.

  12. Ywain Shakespeare says:

    I have to agree this shirt is looking awesome – being an avid Blues fan i was Jealous to see the Ospreys pick up the Liquid Jerseys from Kooga butnow i think i may purchase a Liquid Player fit Quins top – shame i wont be able to do it through Lovell though – will you be getting any player fits of this and the Sharks jersey??

  13. Ben says:

    Hi Rob,

    Puma and Bath will not let us show the image yet. Should be allowed by the end of the week. Shirt looks quality! a pleasent change for Bath!

  14. Ben says:

    Hi Ywain,

    No plans from CCC to range the Cardiff players shirts. We will be stocking the Quins Liquid pro! lookign forward to it, should be good. Unfortunately no chance of stocking the Sale Sharks players shirts at the moment, is this changes will let you no.


  15. mark says:

    Hi there,

    Saw they were wearing last seasons away shirt on saturday. Will there be a new away shirt this season or are they sticking with last seasons one? i’d like to see the away shirt being slightly different from the home shirt this season! Also the club has said that the new home shirts are looking like they will be available from november now. Are you guys still hopeful to have them in October?

  16. christine says:

    hi there
    i think the new shirt looks great cant wait to get mine. not much of a change but worth the wait.

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