2XU Compression Wear Now Available at Lovell Rugby

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2XU engineers develop products with the single minded goal of equipping the athlete to feel more prepared, race ready and more capable than the competition. As they put on their technologically advanced garments, athletes also put on a desire to perform beyond expectation and be greater than ever before. Armed with 2XU technology, another piece of the finely balanced athletic equation is in place to multiply your human performance. 2XU marks the beginning of a new era in sporting equipment.

The compression base layer, which is already well known in the Southern hemisphere, is now available at Lovell Rugby. 2XU is popular with triathletes but they are now looking to develop products for other markets. New Zealand rugby league international Benji Marshall currently endorses the brand down under.

2XU, as worn by Benji Marshall, available at Lovell Rugby

We have be stocking both short and long sleeved tops along with shorts, leggings and calf guards. The 2XU’s graduated compression technology boasts regulated pressure throughout all garments to deliver performance benefits during and after exercise. It helps to enhance the blood circulation through increased venous function so that more oxygenated blood is delivered to the muscles that need it most.

2XU, as worn by Benji Marshall, available at Lovell Rugby

At the same time, by-products created by exercise, such as lactic acid, are flushed from the muscles to reduce fatigue and decrease recovery time. The clothing is made from PWX fabric which has high grade elastic yarns to allow superior grade circular knit structure.

2XU, as worn by Benji Marshall, available at Lovell Rugby

This in turn offers 360 degree stretch, unsurpassed power and increased flexibility. The products have UPF50+ Sun Protection which means that they can be worn without looser clothing over the top of them.

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